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Due to the current situation in regard to Covid-19 and school closures, the information on this page will be updated regularly in line with updated government guidance. Please continue to look at this page for any changes.

Induction Meeting

We will be holding our starting school meeting on Wednesday 3rd June 3-4pm. This will be via Zoom. This will be an opportunity for you to find out about the EYFS curriculum and information about your child starting school. You will have received details of this meeting in your welcome letter from us.

September 2020

First week in school (Weds 2nd -  Fri 4th September):
In the mornings, you are welcome to come into the classroom to settle your child. Please help them to put away their coat, reading folder and water bottle and to self-register. You can then help them settle to an activity set up in the classroom.

Second week in school (Mon 7th – 11th September)
8.50am-1pm (to include lunchtime)
From this week in the mornings, we will lead the children in from the wooden gate of Rainbow’s outside area.

From Monday 14th September, your child will be full time in school. There will be an opportunity to discuss this if school or home feels that your child should continue part time.

In school visits

As part of your child’s induction, we are offering you the opportunity to visit us in school for an individual meeting. These will take place during the afternoons when the children are part time in September. These visits will provide us with the opportunity to meet your child with you and to discuss any individual information or queries you have. 

‘In School Visits’ will take place in school during the weeks of 2nd - 4th September and 7th – 11th September. 

We will contact you before the summer holiday to arrange these visits.

Contacting nurseries, pre-schools and childminders

As part of our induction process, we will be contacting your child’s nursery /pre-school / childminder to find out all about your child when in their setting.

Contacting parents

As part of our induction process, while social distancing restrictions are in place, we will be organising individual Zoom online meetings with parents and children to meet you ‘in person’ before the summer holidays and to answer any queries you may have. We will also organise a class Zoom online meeting so the children can meet each other and we can share a story together.

All About My School

Please find to the right a booklet to share with you child – “All about my school”. In it, you will find pictures of the school and the staff who work there including your child’s teachers. It is a great way for your children to become familiar with school before they begin.

  • All-About-My-School.pdf

Welcome to Rainbow Class

Please find below a booklet all about your child starting school. In it you will find lots of useful information about Sutton Benger School including uniform, structure of a school day and teaching and learning in Rainbow Class.

  • Starting-School-2020.doc

School Information

Below you will find general information about the school that you may find useful.

Information for New Parents
  • new-parent-brochure.docx

  • safeguarding-volunteer-leaflet-nov-18.pdf

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