Welcome to Trinity Class!

We are Year 6s and our teachers are Mrs Pitman-Jones and Mrs Kelsey.


Good morning Trinity!

Mrs Kelsey will see you on 'Teams' at 9:30am to discuss today's maths learning. 

Please find today's home learning detailed on this page below. 

To contact me, please use the dedicated Trinity class email address during this period of school closure: trinity.sbenger@dbat.org.uk This email address is for any work coming in and any queries or comments. Just ask for help if you need it and I'll get back to you. 

I look forward to hearing from you all!

Best wishes,

Mrs Pitman-Jones

School Closure - Learning provision



Please read your own reading book for 30 minutes today.

Skellig - Chapters 9 -15 are now available to listen to via the links below. Click on the blue words and the video will open.

Skellig - Chapter 9

Skellig - Chapter 10

Skellig - Chapter 11

Skellig - Chapters 12 & 13

Skellig - Chapters 14 & 15

Struggling to find a book to read? Try this website below to help you find one suited to you:


  • Skellig_chp8.jpg

  • Skellig_chp7_part2.jpg

  • Skellig_chp7_part1.jpg

  • Skellig_chp6_part2.jpg

  • Skellig_chp6_part1.jpg

  • Skellig_chp5.jpg

  • Skellig_chp4_part2.jpg

  • Skellig_chp4_part1.jpg

  • Skellig_chp3_part2.jpg

  • Skellig_chp3_part1.jpg

  • Skellig_chp2_part2.jpg

  • Skellig_chp2_part1.jpg


For your spellings this week, please choose 6-8 words from the spelling list that you have been working through in class. Both spelling lists are attached below.

Extra Spelling Practice: Practise your spelling patterns using the link below. Choose Y3/4 if you struggle with spelling and Y5/6 if you are more confident.


  • statutory-spellings-years-3-and-4-word-mat.pdf

  • statutory-spellings-year-5-and-6-word-mat.pdf



This morning we will be calculating using metric measures. We will use our knowledge from previous weeks to convert measures before solving problems. 

PowerPoint below for explanations and examples. I will go through one with you on Teams at 9:30am

Activities below with answer sheet. Red - easiest, Blue - slightly harder, Orange - most challenging. Please choose an appropriate level to start and you may choose more than one if you would like to.

The answers for all the activities are also attached below so that you can check how you get on. 

Other maths practice

Remember to use TTRS to practise your times tables please!

  • converting-metric-measures-knowledge-organiser.pdf

  • PowerPoint-Calculate-with-Metric-Measures.pptx

  • 15-Jan-Problem-Solving-Answers-ALL.pdf

  • 15-Jan-Red-Problem-solving.pdf

  • 15-Jan-Orange-Problem-solving.pdf

  • 15-Jan-Blue-Problem-solving.pdf



We are continuing our learning to explore the key question: 'What kind of king is Jesus?'

This week we are looking at the Lord's Prayer. Please see the PowerPoint below with information about the Lord's Prayer and today's learning task.

Friday afternoons

Each week, Friday afternoon is your free choice/well-being time. You can choose to catch up on any of the learning from the week, spend time on one of your hobbies, do some exercise, or even try one of the activities on the attached PDFs below. It's entirely up to you! Enjoy yourself!

  • january-active-calendar-full-colour.pdf

  • The-lord-s-prayer-15th-January-2021.pptx

  • Lockdown-Challenge-a-Day.pdf

  • new50-things-activity-list.pdf

  • Scratch-week-2-instructions-14-01-21.pdf

Learning Showcase

Check out some of the learning sent in so far:

  • Volcano_experiment-2-.mov

  • Volcano_experiment.mov

  • Diary_entry_13-01-21.jpg

  • Science_inheritance.jpg

  • Cross-section_of_Earth_collage.jpg

  • Dance_in_school.jpg

  • Cross-section_of_Earth3part2.jpg

  • Cross-section_of_Earth3.jpg

  • Cross-section_of_Earth_Minecraft2.jpg

  • Cross-section_of_Earth_Minecraft.jpg

  • RE-learning-08-01-21.pptx

  • Scratch_RockBand2.mov

  • The-Garage.jpg

  • Scratch_RockBand.mov

  • Descriptive-writing3-07-01-21.jpg

  • Descriptive-writing2-07-01-21.jpeg

  • Descriptive-writing-07-01-21.jpg

Class Newsletters
  • TRINITY-Letter-to-Parents-Term-2-2020.pdf

  • TRINITY-Letter-to-Parents-Term-1.pdf

Home Learning
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