Welcome to Trinity Class!

We are Year 6s and our teachers are Mrs Rayner, Mrs Pitman-Jones and Mrs Kelsey.

Welcome to Trinity Class where children continue to develop a love of learning in a nurturing environment. We challenge children to discover their own special aptitudes and be brave in trying new things. There is an emphasis on independence by using 3B4ME to help them remember to use their brains, books and buddies before asking an adult for help; however we encourage the children to deepen their learning by questioning.

As the children move into Year 6 they are encouraged to take more responsibility for their own learning, behaviour and progress. This helps them to become more independent and prepares them for secondary school.

We also work with local secondary schools throughout the year and the children have the opportunity to visit the schools and take part in enrichment activities in many subjects.

Our overall aim is to instil in the children self-belief, self-confidence, the ability to work as an individual and as part of a team and a love of learning that they take with them as they move through, and beyond, secondary education.

School Closure - Learning provision


The best thing you can do all summer is to read as much as you can. Books, magazines, newspapers...

Summer Reading Challenge: Join the library's Summer Reading Challenge by clicking the link below.


Struggling to find a book to read? Try this website below to help you find one suited to you:


David Walliams is still doing his 'Elevenses' - listen by clicking the link below at 11 am every morning.



Pobble 365: Daily weird and wonderful pictures with activities to go with them: Question Time, Perfect Picture (drawing task), Story Starter and Sentence Challenge.  www.pobble365.com

Writing Booklets: There are a range of writing booklets, like the ones that we have been doing, attached if you want to try another one.

Spelling Practise: Practise your spelling patterns using the link below. Choose Y3/4 if you struggle with spelling and Y5/6 if you are more confident.


  • Y6-Treasure-Writing-unit.pdf

  • Y6-Silent-City.pdf

  • Y6-7-Cave.pdf

  • Y6-Monsters.pdf

  • Maths Booklets: There are a range of maths booklets attached below so you can practise your maths skills. (Answers are at the back of each booklet.)
  • Maths Mysteries: There are a few maths mysteries attached below for you to try. (The easier ones have 'Simpler' in the title.)
  • www.7puzzleblog.com - 5 puzzles are published daily.
  • www.mathsframe.co.uk - a Trinity favourite!

Maths Challenges:



  • Statistics.pdf

  • Ratio.pdf

  • Properties-of-Shape.pdf

  • Position-and-Direction.pdf

  • Place-Value.pdf

  • Percentages.pdf

  • Perimater-Area-and-Volume.pdf

  • Fractions-2.pdf

  • Fractions-1.pdf

  • Four-Operations-2.pdf

  • Four-Operations-1.pdf

  • Decimals.pdf

  • Converting-Units.pdf

  • Algebra.pdf

  • The-Mystery-of-The-Guilty-Gameshow-Gangster.pdf

  • The-Mystery-of-the-Festival-Camping-Chaos.pdf

  • The-Mystery-of-the-Underground-Blackout-Theft-Maths-Game.pdf

  • Simpler-Gold-Factory-Mystery.pdf

  • The-Mystery-of-the-Burgled-Bangers-Instruction-Sheet.pdf

  • Simpler-Carnival-Mystery.pdf

  • Simpler-The-Monkey-Mystery.pdf


Click on the links below to find a range of lessons for different subjects:



www.classroom.thenational.academy/subjects-by-year/year-6# ('Foundation' means all other subjects e.g. geography, art, science etc...)

Learning Showcase

Check out some of the learning sent in so far:

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