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We are Year 6s and our teachers are Mrs Rayner, Mrs Pitman-Jones and Mrs Kelsey.

Welcome to Trinity Class where children continue to develop a love of learning in a nurturing environment. We challenge children to discover their own special aptitudes and be brave in trying new things. There is an emphasis on independence by using 3B4ME to help them remember to use their brains, books and buddies before asking an adult for help; however we encourage the children to deepen their learning by questioning.

As the children move into Year 6 they are encouraged to take more responsibility for their own learning, behaviour and progress. This helps them to become more independent and prepares them for secondary school.

We also work with local secondary schools throughout the year and the children have the opportunity to visit the schools and take part in enrichment activities in many subjects.

Our overall aim is to instil in the children self-belief, self-confidence, the ability to work as an individual and as part of a team and a love of learning that they take with them as they move through, and beyond, secondary education.

School Closure - Learning provision


Wednesday 1st April/Thursday 2nd April

This work should last you two days.



Below is a link to chapter 8 of Kensuke's Kingdom. Today, you have some VIPERS questions to answer after you have listened to the chapter. There are photos of 2 of the pages below - these are for vocabulary questions that some of you have.


Recommended books:

Joe has recommended 'Ganging Up' by Alan Gibbons - see the photo of the cover above.

Evie recommends 'Head Kid' by David Baddiel

Lara recommends 'The Person Controller' by David Baddiel

  • Reading-Task-Sheet-chapter-8.docx

  • Page-118.jpg

  • Page-129.jpg


Thursday 2nd April/Friday 3rd April

Free write: We haven't done one of these for a while! For the next two days, you can do your own free write. You can choose which genre: e.g. poem, story, description, diary, report, leaflet etc... You may decide to give it an Easter theme, use an object in your house or go to the website below and choose a picture to inspire your write.


I can't wait to read them!

Wednesday 1st April

Today's writing task is at the end of the reading task sheet.


Thursday 2nd April/Friday 3rd April

For the next two days, have a go at one of the 'Maths Mysteries' attached below. There are three standard level ones and two  slightly easier ones if they look too tricky. You have all had a go at similar ones before so you know how they work. Answers for most of them are at the end of the document (no peeking!). Where the answers are not included, I have attached a separate answer document so that you can self-mark. Let me know how you get on.

  • Easier-Mystery-of-the-Easter-Bunny-Costume.pdf

  • Easier-The-Moji-Road-Trip-Maths-Mystery-Game.pdf

  • Answers-Mystery-of-the-Easter-Bunny-Costume.pdf

  • Mystery-of-the-Easter-Bunny-Costume.pdf

  • Brilliant-Breakfast-Maths-Mystery.pdf

  • Mystery-of-the-Contaminated-Chocolate.pdf



Joe Wicks workout at 9am every morning AND/OR get your parents GoNoodling with you! Trampolining or short walks/bike rides with your parents also count as your PE - anything that gets your blood pumping!


Over this week, choose a Scandinavian country. Scandinavia includes Sweden, Denmark and Norway and sometimes Finland and Iceland.

Research the country and produce a mini project which should include:

A map showing major cities, rivers, fjords, mountain ranges etc... You could use similar symbols as they do on official maps. (Google maps may help with this is you do not have an atlas at home.)

The national flag.

Information about the capital city (including key sites of interest).

A little bit about the language (including some key words/phrases).

A brief history of the country. (This could be in the form of a timeline.)

Any amazing facts about the country.

You can present your mini project in any way you like.

Useful website:


Easter Activity 1: Put a smile on someone's face!

Make an Easter card for someone you know who lives alone or family members who live far away. Write a message inside. Tell them about some of the fun things that you have been doing whilst being at home. Perhaps include some photos or a picture. Receiving this could be extra special for somebody in these tricky times where they might not have many people to talk to or where they may be separated from their family members for a long time.

Easter Activity 2

Easter colouring! Yes Trinity, I know how much you love a bit of colouring and paper chains, so here are some colouring sheets and colouring paper chains for you to enjoy.

Easter Baking

With permission from your parents, try out some Easter baking. Send me some photos of your delicious masterpieces!

  • Happy-Easter-Colouring.docx

  • Easter-Paper-Chain-Colouring.pdf

  • Easter-Egg-colouring.pdf

Learning Showcase

Check out some of the learning sent in so far:

Class Newsletters
  • Trinity-newsletter-spring-term-4-2020.pdf

  • Trinity-newsletter-Term-3-2020.pdf

Home Learning
  • Trinity-Class-Home-learning-planner-Term-3-2019-20.pdf

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