Welcome to Rainbow Class!

We are Reception children and our teacher is Mrs Baldwin

Rainbow Class is the youngest class at Sutton Benger School. Our teacher is Mrs Baldwin and our teaching assistants are Mrs Macklin and Mrs Wilson. 

Rainbow Class are enjoying their new topic all about 'The Jolly Postman'. We have found out all about being a postal worker and one of our mummy's is a postal worker and came in to talk to us about her job. It was very interesting! Each week we will be learning about a different place that the Jolly postman visits including the 3 bears cottage, the giant's house (from Jack and the Beanstalk) and the gingerbread cottage (from Hansel and Gretel).

In Rainbow Class we like our 'exploring time'. This is our time when we get to explore the different stations in our classroom and outside area. Our favourite areas are the play dough station, the sticky station (where we make lots of things), the writing station, the big building station outside and the messy tray. We can use lots of different resources to explore our ideas and we like sharing these with our class at the end of each session. 

Class Newsletters
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