Welcome to Rainbow Class!

We are Reception children and our teachers are Mrs Baldwin and Mrs Bucksey

Green Fingers

This term we will be finding out all about plants and how they grow.

We will be starting with the story 'Oliver's Vegetables'.

You can contact us on our class email - rainbow.sbenger@dbat.org.uk

Each day find the phonics, writing and maths tasks below and then choose from the 'afternoon adventures' each afternoon. You can send photos of your learning to your Tapestry online journal!

School Closure - Learning provision


A game for this week to practise all sounds – Roller Bingo Enjoy a new blending game using many sounds we have learnt so far. Please choose any game 5 -13 to practise using our sounds that hold hands to make words.


Monday 1st March

Join Mrs Bucksey live at 9.45am (Teams) to play some phonics games.

Tuesday 2nd March

Join Mrs Bucksey live at 9.45am (Teams link) to practise the sounds qu, ng and oi.

Wednesday 3rd March

Join Mrs Baldwin live at 9.45am (Teams link) to practise the sounds er, oa and ow.

Thursday 4th March

Please download the activity sheet below to practise the sound oo / OO. (Remember – oo can make the short ‘u’ sound (as in l-oo-k) and sometimes they make the long ‘OO’ sound (as in m-OO-n).

Friday 5th March - Monster words

Today practise reading and writing all of your monster words learnt so far (a list can be found below). Make the words into a game of snap. Say each word as you turn it over and don’t forget to shout snap if it matches! Now choose your favourite 3 words and write them – you can challenge yourself to put them into a funny sentence!

Some useful websites to support learning:



  • Thurs-phonics.docx

  • Monster-words-term-3-and-4.docx

  • phonics-sounds-review.ppt

  • tricky-words-review.pptx


Monday 1st March

Watch the Power point below to learn about halving:

Tuesday 2nd March

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBWTP84lcUI Talk about how halving can mean cutting things into 2 equal parts. Make some shapes / objects out of playdough. Can you cut them in half? Make sure each part is the same size!

Wednesday 3rd March

Create a halving mat like the one below. Choose an amount of objects up to 10 to halve. Put the full amount in the large circle and then share the objects equally into the other circles. Can they be shared equally? Do they have the same amounts in each circle? If they don't then you can't halve that amount without leaving one left over. However many are in one of the small circles is half of the large amount.

Thursday 4th March

Watch the following video about halving and choose an activity that you would like to do.


Friday 5th March

Decorate some biscuits today! Choose a number of decorations (e.g. 8 smarties, 4 chocolate chips). Divide your biscuit in half (e.g. using a strawberry lace) and then split your decorations in half. Put half on one side, and half on the other. Check your biscuit carefully – do both sides have the same amount? (the picture below is for guidance but doesn’t show half!)

Some useful websites to support learning:




  • what-is-half-halving-activity-cut-outs.pdf

  • 2D-shapes-docx.pdf

  • 1-3-21-Maths-food.pptx


Reading books - You can now come and exchange reading books from school every week. Please adhere to social distancing guidelines when coming on to the school site. Your log-ins and selected books on 'Big Cat E-books' will be available from Monday 8th Feb  (details will be sent to you) Please see below (under home learning) for a parents guide to logging on.

When reading daily - Use your phonics to work out words and don’t forget to spot those tricky monster words! Talk about what you have read, predict what will happen next, talk about characters and where the story is set. 

Monday 1st March

Oliver’s grandpa grew some healthy vegetables in his vegetable patch. Have a look in your cupboards in your kitchen. What other healthy things can you see? Write a shopping list of healthy food you find!

Tuesday 2nd March

Can you design a healthy meal for Oliver? Draw your plate of food and label the things on it. Can you use your describing words? (e.g. crunchy carrot, crispy lettuce)

Wednesday 3rd March

Can you find a patch of ground outside to make your own veggie patch (it can be a small patch or a big patch!) Get it ready for some planting when you can go and buy some seeds (or you may have some seeds you can plant already!) Now write 2 or 3 sentences to tell us how you got your veggie patch ready (e.g. I dug the soil. I pulled up the weeds.)

Thursday 4th March World Book Day

Today is also World Book Day. Join Mrs Bucksey at 9.45 to share your favourite story with us. You can come dressed up as a character from the story or you could bring something from the story (e.g. bring a cuddly tiger or a tea cup from 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea.)

You can also investigate the families section of  https://www.worldbookday.com/ideas/share-a-story/ to find some fun activities.

Friday 5th March Sunny Smiles 

What makes you smile? Draw a sunshine (or download picture from below) and put a big smiley face in the middle of the sunshine and then draw or write all of the things that make you smile in each ray of the sun.

Join Mrs Baldwin live at 9.45am (Teams) to talk about coming back to school next week.

Some websites to support learning:


  • Fri-Sunny-smiles.pdf

  • phase-2-sound-mat.pdf

  • phase-3-sound-mat.pdf


Green Fingers - afternoon adventures 

Mrs Bucksey's storyFollow the link below to hear another story.


Wednesday Welly Walk - 

Go on a spring walk - what things can you see? You could take a coin with you - every time you get to a corner, flip the coin. Heads = go left! Tails = go right!

Choose some of these fun activities to enjoy in the afternoons over the next 2 weeks.

  • Create an obstacle course outside for your family to enjoy! Can you include something to balance on, something to climb over and something to crawl under?
  • Let's be active! Download the activities below and have a go!
  • Make your own information book about growing plants and vegetables
  • Put some flowers in coloured water (using food dye) – observe what happens!
  • Print with vegetables and paint! What patterns can you make?
  • Make a scarecrow so the birds can’t eat Grandpa’s vegetable patch! You could use something as big as a broom or as small as a spoon.
  • Make a tiny fairy or gnome garden in a pot.
  • Make a healthy vegetable soup.
  • Join in a music activity at: https://classroom.thenational.academy/units/growth-789a (session 1 - planting in the garden)

Other fun ideas:

  • Let-s-be-active.docx

Learning Showcase

Check out some of the learning sent in so far:

Class Newsletters
  • Term-3-Rainbow.docx

  • Rainbow-maths.pptx

  • EYFS-phonics-workshop-Nov-2020.pptx

  • Term-2-Rainbow.docx

  • Term-1-Rainbow.docx

  • Parent-Guide-to-EYFS-Oct-2019.pdf

  • New-reading-scheme-parent-meeting-info-March-2020.pptx

Home Learning
  • Collins-eBooks-Big-Cat-Parent-Guide.docx

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