Welcome to Peace Class!

We are Year 5s and our teacher is Mr Lawrence

In Term 1 our topic is ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’.
During the course of this term, we will be learning all about Stone Age and Iron Age civilisations, where major settlements were and what features the settlements had in common. In History, we will be looking at the role of an archaeologist and thinking about the changes that occurred over the period.

In Peace Class, we are continuing to develop our learning skills to become more independent and resilient in our learning. This includes using the 3B4ME approach, where we take three steps before asking an adult for help:

1) Brain - we think a bit harder and think through previous learning to see if that can support us.

2) Book/blocks - we make sensible choices about resources in the classroom that may help us.

3) Buddy - we ask a buddy to help to explain the concept that we are stuck on.

Class Newsletters
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Home Learning
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