Welcome to Peace Class!

We are Year 5s and our teacher is Mr Lawrence

Welcome to Peace Class!

This term we are looking at cooking in DT and choosing recipes from around the world to fit in with our History topic of the Slave Trade.

In English we are writing non-chronological reports and biographies, in Maths we are finishing fractions, decimals and percentages before moving on to a revision of all the work that we have done since September (it's OK - we'll take it one step at a time!)

Peace Class are going to Forest School once a week with Miss Mosely, so please remember to wrap up warmly in clothes that can get dirty every Wednesday. In Science we are learning all about light and our big question in RE is 'What did Jesus do for human beings?'.

Peace Class are always Ready to learn, Respectful of each other and their surroundings and Safe.

Home Learning


Struggling to find a book to read? Try this website below to help you find one suited to you:


  • Holes-by-Louis-Sachar.pdf



Below are the Common Exception Words and the Y3/4 and Y5/6 spelling lists. Feel free to download them to practise!

You can also use Spelling Frame to help you practise spelling rules.


  • Year-1-and-2-Common-Exception-Words.pdf

  • Year-3-and-4-spelling-list.pdf

  • Year-5-and-6-spelling-list.pdf


Go to ttrockstars.com to practise your times tables!

You could also look at puzzleblog.com for a daily maths puzzle, or mathsframe.co.uk for games and worksheets.


Feel like being active?

Try one of the PE challenges from Fortius below, or try one of the activities on the attached PDFs below, or even have a dance!

PE Challenges

Bowling Challenge

Ball Handling Skills

KS2 Gymnastics Challenge

KS2 Throwing and Catching Challenge

Fitness Challenge

  • just-dance-4-rock-lobster-the-b-52-s.mp4

  • Lockdown-Challenge-a-Day.pdf

  • new50-things-activity-list.pdf

  • macarena-just-dance-2015-full-gameplay-5-stars-zfgftfed-zvfowwci-vsm73im3-bcwkb7_bUcd7iGw.mp4

Learning Showcase

  • TWISTERS-by-Fintan-Randall.docx

  • Harry-poem.jpg

  • Tornado-Poem.pdf

  • Marylou-Tsunami-explanation-text-web.docx

  • Edward-explanation-web.docx

  • Josh-explanation-web.docx

  • Tsunami-FINAL-web.docx

  • final-harry-s-explanation-text-4-2-21-web.docx

  • Jacob-tsunami_FINAL-web.docx


  • Final-tsunami.docx

  • JOe-D-volcano.jpg

  • Joe-D-Red-Pandas.pdf

  • MF-Poster.jpg

  • Macarena.jpg

  • Macarena-2.jpg

  • AW-poster.jpg

  • Lucas-shark.jpg

  • Joe-s-elephant.jpg

  • amur-leopard.pdf

  • George-s-Sloth.jpg

  • Eva-s-Elephant.jpg

  • English-5-January-2021-prediction-2-copy.docx

  • Poppy-B-Equator-hemispheres-tropics-and-poles.jpg

Class Newsletters
  • Peace-Letter-to-Parents-Term-2.pdf

  • Peace-Letter-to-Parents-Term-1.docx

Home Learning
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