Welcome to Peace Class!

We are Year 5s and our teacher is Mr Lawrence

Here's a stop go animation of one of the Giacometti sculptures!

3 April 15:00

So, we come to the end of Term 4! A slightly odd end to the term but Peace class all took it in their stride!

Once again, I am so proud of all of you and your flexibility and adaptability. You have really risen to the challenge. You will have seen from the newsletter that we're going to 'log off' for the Easter Break, however feel free to send in any work that has been completed today, or work previously completed.

I have uploaded the answers to the Maths assessment so please feel free to self mark and then send it in. If you have any completed Geography projects please send them to me- I will upload them to the website as well.

I hope you have a fabulous break; keep safe and well. Children look after your grown ups and make sure to eat just the right amount of Easter eggs!

I look forward to seeing/hearing from you all again on 20 April!

3 April 2020

I am at school again on Friday.

Your task today is to do the short assessment on Maths. I won't upload the answers to this one, so if you could photograph and send to me that would be great - thanks!

As per normal at the end of term (yes, we break up tomorrow!) please make sure that you have completed the writing tasks and treading comprehensions set this week and self-mark where you can. Then send across everything that you haven't already sent, want looked at or are proud of! Once you have done that make sure that you tidy up your classroom (don't leave it to your parents!) and then after lunch you can either watch a film or go outside to play.

Have a lovely Easter break and I look forward to seeing you all (virtually or in reality - who knows!) after Easter!

Here's an animation that was made using a Giacometti sculpture.

1 April 2020

I am at school this morning so might not get to your emails as quickly as normal.

If you have not completed your news paper report on the Lighthouse, now is the day to complete it. There is new Maths and a new Reading Comprehension. Keep going with the art. If you have already made a Giacometti sculpture maybe you could do an animation using iMovie on an iPad or iPhone. I imagine that there are similar apps for Android phones. 

Please do the Joe Wicks and Yoga with Adriene is still up there so you can do a yoga routine if you would like to.

Keep going everyone - you're all stars! 

31 March 2020

Good morning all. I hope you are all well. There's a new task of the day and some more Maths for you. Your reading task is to carry on with the Reading Comprehension that was set yesterday and your writing task is to carry on with your newspaper report and the information writing for your maps of Scandinavia.

Zoom lunch will be 12.00 to 12.30 and I hope to introduce you to at least one of the cats!

27 March 2020 16:00

Great to see so many of you on the Zoom lunch today. We'll be arranging another for next week - we will send over the link soon. Next time see if you can have your favourite book with you. Perhaps we could tell each other why they are our favourites!

There will be more maths and English next week and I will want you to carry on and finish your Geography. What else would you like? Maybe some Art?

Let me know if there's anything that you would like to do and I'll see you all next week.

Have a great weekend and take care!

24 March 2020 18:08

Great work with all of your learning today everyone!

I have now taken off the work from Monday, and uploaded the work for Wednesday.

Please be aware that the work for Wednesday afternoon is going to be the start of a project. If you need any help with this please email me and I will either answer your questions, give you some information or point you in the right direction to find some information.

I am now in school tomorrow morning. I will still do the Zoom lunch and include any of Peace class that are there with me.

However this also means that I probably won't get back to you as promptly as I might have done these last couple of days.

24 March 2020 08:17

Good morning Peace Class!

I hope that you all had a wonderful day yesterday. I am so impressed with the way you have all taken to this. I know it's not straightforward but you all seem to be doing really well. Remember to take photos of your work and send them in. Self mark if you can. I will upload some to the website. Get your parents to take photos of you at work (silly faces allowed!) and we'll get them on the website too.

23 March 2020 12:40

Well done to those that have already sent in the answers to the Task of the Day! I have put a ticket in the jar for each of you.

I have had some excellent Maths from one child which I will upload to the Learning Showcase later today. I have had diary entries from two people - both boys! Come on girls! If you are happy for me to upload your work to the Learning Showcase let me know when you send it over and I will upload it the following day.

In Peace Class, we are continuing to develop our learning skills to become more independent and resilient in our learning. This includes using the 3B4ME approach, where we take three steps before asking an adult for help:

1) Brain - we think a bit harder and think through previous learning to see if that can support us.

2) Book/blocks - we make sensible choices about resources in the classroom that may help us.

3) Buddy - we ask a buddy to help to explain the concept that we are stuck on.

School Closure - Learning provision


1 April 2020

You have had two reading comprehensions this week. If you have completed both of them then please make sure you read: read in bed, read in a tree house, read upside down - do some extreme reading! Two tickets to the people who send in a photo of themselves reading in a funny place!

30 March 2020

There are a number of activities on the Reading Comprehension this week. Please work through them at your own pace. The answers are at the end of the document so you can self-mark.

I will upload another towards the middle of the week.

  • 01-04-20-Reading-Peace.pdf

  • 30-03-20-Reading-Peace.pdf

  • 27-03-20-Reading-Peace.docx


1 April 2020

The last two days of this week I would like you to complete your information texts and your news reports for 'Lighthouse!'

If you complete both pieces of writing and would like to do another piece then I would like you to write a first person recount of what happened: write it in first person as if you were there. You can use lots of dramatic and descriptive language.

This week your writing tasks will be to write information texts about at least two physical geographical features and two human geographical features of Scandinavia.

Also there will be an extended writing task based ona film.

  • 30-03-20-Writing-Peace.docx

  • 27-03-20-Writing-Peace.docx


3 April 2020

Just the short assessment today!

1 April 2020

Maths is as last week: please feel free to self mark and drop me an email if you have any questions.

  • 03-04-20-Maths-Peace-Answers.pdf

  • 03-04-20-Maths-Peace.pdf

  • 02-04-20-RPS-Peace.pdf

  • 02-04-20-Maths-Peace.pptx

  • 02-04-20-Fluency-Peace.pdf

  • 01-04-20-RPS-Peace.pdf

  • 01-04-20-Maths-Peace.pptx

  • 01-04-20-Fluency-Peace.pdf


1 April 2020

Please complete your Geography and Art work and send me photos of the work!

31 March 2020

The work that I have given for Geography and Art will probably take the rest of the afternoons for this week so I won't be setting any more work for the afternoons. I have also left the yoga up so you can access this.

However if you do need anything else please just drop me a line and I will post some further work.

Check out the Easter Story resources and our collective worship songs in our 'Home Learning Resources' section. 

  • 02-04-20-Task-of-the-day.docx

  • 01-04-20-Task-of-the-day.docx

  • 30-03-20-Giacometti.docx

  • 30-03-20-Geography.docx

  • 24-03-20-PE-Yoga-for-a-Healthy-body.docx

Learning Showcase

  • 24-03-20-PE-2.jpg

  • MD-cooking.png

  • LLa.png

  • LB-Hard-at-work.png

  • H-s-flowers.jpg

  • 24-03-20-Nazca-rabbit-TS.png

  • BC.png

  • Blossom.jpg

  • P1020760.jpg

  • P1020759.jpg

  • P1020758.jpg

Class Newsletters
  • Peace-Class-Newsletter-Term-4-2019-20.pdf

  • Peace-Class-Newsletter-Term-3-2019-20.pdf

  • Peace-Class-Newsletter-Term-2-2019-20.pdf

  • Peace-Class-Newsletter-Term-1-2019-20.pdf

Home Learning
  • Peace-Class-Home-learning-planner-Term-4-2019-20.pdf

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