Welcome to Oak Class!

We are Year 6s and our teacher is Mrs Pitman-Jones. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Griffin.


In Oak Class we work as a team to help each other learn, have fun and develop our independence and resilience. We love spending time outside and particularly enjoy creative activities, music and sports. We are kind to others and have a great attitude to learning. We also enjoy a good joke!

In Year 6, we are encouraged to take more responsibility for our own learning, behaviour and progress. This helps us to become more independent and prepares us for secondary school.

Our teachers help us to have self-belief, self-confidence, the ability to work on our own and as part of a team, and to develop a love of learning.

Our main topics for terms 1 and 2 are the Ancient Greeks and Earth & Space. Please read our term 1 class newsletter to find out more about our learning for this term.

Home Learning


Please remember to read at home three times per week and record this. You now have access to GoRead and can record all of your reading electronically so that I can see how you are getting on! Here's the link to the website: GoRead

Struggling to find a new book to read? Try the website below to help you find one suited to you:


There are also lots of books recommended for children in Year 6 on this website.

Remember that it is important to read lots of different types of reading material. This should include non-fiction such as newspapers, recipes and instructions, as well as fiction (stories) and poetry. Just like with food for your body, a balanced diet is the aim!


Do you have some extra time to practise spellings?

Practise your spelling patterns using the Spelling Frame website. Choose Y3/4 if you struggle with spelling and Y5/6 if you are more confident. Here's the link: Spelling Frame

The Topmarks website also contains lots of spelling games. Click here to access these.

  • Spellings-set-30-09-21.pdf

  • statutory-spellings-years-3-and-4-word-mat.pdf

  • statutory-spellings-year-5-and-6-word-mat.pdf


Time for some maths practice?

Remember to use Times Tables Rock Stars to regularly practise your times tables please. If you lose your login details, please just come and ask me for them. Click here to login.

My current favourite online maths game is 'Daily 10' from Topmarks. Click here to play!

Other useful maths websites:

  • Times-tables-square.pdf

  • Place-value-chart-including-decimals.pdf


In terms 1 and 2, we are learning about the ancient Greeks. I've called our topic, 'Hellenic Heroes'. Can you tell me why? 

Also, see if you can find out some fascinating facts about the ancient Greeks and share them with me. Check out our knowledge organiser attached below for lots of key facts. There's one for our science topic on Earth & Space too!

Do you want to keep active in your free time? Try some of the challenges, from our sports provider Fortius, below.

PE Challenges

Fortius - bowling challenge

Fortius - ball handling skills

Fortius - KS2 gymnastics challenge

Fortius - KS2 throwing & catching challenge

Fortius - fitness challenge

  • Ancient-Greece-knowledge-organiser-year-5-and-6.pdf

  • Earth-Space-knowledge-organiser-Y5-6.pdf

Learning Showcase

Check out some of the learning sent in so far:

  • RE-J-E-poem.jpg

Class Newsletters
  • Oak-Class-Newsletter-Term-1.pdf

Home Learning
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