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We are Year 1s and our teachers are Mrs Magson and Mrs Pitman-Jones

Term 6

Welcome back Joy class after a lovely sunny half term. 

Week beginning 8th June

This week we started our new topic of 'Pirates!'. We pretended that we were on board a pirate ship and used our senses to imagine we were actually there. In maths we continued to think about numbers to 100 and how these can be partitioned into tens and ones.

We also got creative making pirate faces and pirate flags. Mrs Magson also put on her Captain's hat and we played the game 'Capyain Says'.

School Closure - Learning provision


Daily Reading 

Pupils: continue to read daily to an adult or an older sibling for 10 minutes. This could be your school reading book or another home book of your own choice. Remember to record this in your school reading diary. Even better, take a photo to show me what you are reading! You could also read an ebook on Oxford Owl, Collins Big Cats or use your EPIC login.

Adults: remember to ask questions about the text both as you go along and at the end. Ask your child to think of a different ending or predict what might happen when the story is over. Talk about the setting, characters, meaning of new words and enjoyment of the story.

This week we have some extra reading activities based around the story 'Open Very Carefully'. You can find this at: https://www.booktrust.org.uk/books-and-reading/have-some-fun/storybooks-and-games/open-very-carefully/

There is an activity to complete every day. This can be in addition to your daily reading.


Weekly writing

There is a PDF below which shows the activities for the week. As some children will be returning to school and we are able to see more of our family and friends, this week we are thinking about what makes us amazing.


The spellings this term will focus on being able to write the common or tricky words which are useful to be able to spell before entering year 2. I have added a list of these below. Please add/change the spellings to fit your own child's needs and abilities.

  • how-to-make-a-jam-sandwich-powerpoint.ppt

  • 18-6-20-create-your-own-pirate-wanted-display-poster.pdf

  • 16-6-20-differentiated-how-to-make-a-jam-sandwich-activity-sheets.pdf

  • 15-6-20-weekly-writing-tasks-JOY.pdf

  • year1to2highfrequencywords.pdf

  • Year-1-Common-Exception-Words.pdf

  • Look-cover-write.pdf


Daily Maths

Continue to work on the following skills throughout the week in short bursts as these are great skills to take into year 2.

Count up to 100 in 1s forwards and backwards

Count in 2s, 5s, 10s

Practice quick mental recall of your bonds to 10, both addition and subtraction

Write the numbers 0-10 as words

Find 1 more/less than a number up to 100

As always allow your child to use resources to help them solve problems such as number lines, hundred grid, pasta, buttons, stones. 

I have added some number lines and 100 grids for those who may need them.

  • 18-6-20-Addition-and-subtraction-calculations.pdf

  • 19-6-20-Subtraction-creator.pdf

  • 18-6-20-problem-solving.pdf

  • 15-6-20-Number-Bonds-to-20.pdf

  • 17-6-20-domino-bonds-to-20-activity.pdf

  • 15-6-20-tens-frames.pdf

  • 15-6-20-JOY-weekly-maths-activities.pdf

  • 100-square.pdf


Extra activities this week

Make a treasure box.

Create a box and fill it with pictures of activities or things that you have collected since you have been at home. You could also add some things that you are looking forward to doing again.


Go to https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga and try some of the activities.

Shadow art

Have a go at some of the ideas below

Family Friday – enjoy some family time today! 

  • Make an obstacle course for everyone to enjoy
  • Choose a favourite family game to play
  • Have a fun water fight together or play in a paddling pool
  • Watch a family movie – enjoy some popcorn or ice cream too!
  • Camp out in the garden
  • Have a family picnic (outside or on a rug in the lounge if it’s raining!)
  • Go on a nature walk - what can you see?
  • JOY-class-extra-activities-8-6-20.pdf

  • gonoodle_parent_invite_en.pdf

Learning Showcase

Check out some of the learning sent in so far:

  • 20-5-20-Money-PPT.pptx

  • habitat.jpg

  • Purple-book-page-2-Arlo.jpg

  • writing-23320.jpg

  • thumbnail_image1.jpg

  • dinosaur-home-learning.jpg

  • writing-2-23320.jpg

Class Newsletters
  • Joy-Class-curriculum-coverage-letter-term-1-2019-20.pdf

  • JOY-Letter-to-Parents-Term-4-2020.pdf

  • New-reading-scheme-parent-meeting-info-March-2020.pptx

  • JOY-Letter-to-Parents-Term-3-2020.pdf

  • Joy-Class-newsletter-term-1-2019-20.pdf

Home Learning
  • Home-learning-planner-Term-4-2020-JOY.pdf

  • new-reading-scheme-parent-meeting.pptx

  • Joy-Class-Home-learning-planner-Term-3-2020.pdf

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