Welcome to Joy Class!

We are Year 1s and our teachers are Mrs Magson and Mrs Pitman-Jones

To help everyone become more of an independent learner, we use the 3B4ME approach. We have to do three things before we ask an adult for help: brain (use your brain to think about the question/problem again), book (could the answer be in a book, or on display), buddy (ask your talk partner, or other people on your table), boss (if you still need help, ask an adult).

Our topic for Term 4 is 'Dinosaur Planet'. We will be reading stories and poems about dinosaurs, doing some 3D model making and learning about fossils and Mary Anning.

We look forward to welcoming you to our class!

Monday 30th March

It was lovely to see you all today at the 'zoom' lunch. We will set another date for after the Easter holidays. Ralfy has asked if I can read a story to you all so let me know what you would like!

Today I have put up some photos which Barney has sent me. He has written to some people who are currently living in residential care and are unable to have visitors. I hope these letters make them smile.

School Closure - Learning provision


Daily Reading 

Pupils: continue to read daily to an adult or an older sibling for 10 minutes. This could be your school reading book or another home book of your own choice. Remember to record this in your school reading diary. Even better, take a photo to show me what you are reading!

Adults: remember to ask questions about the text both as you go along and at the end. Ask your child to think of a different ending or predict what might happen when the story is over. Talk about the setting, characters, meaning of new words and enjoyment of the story.

Daily Phonics week beg 30th March

As always practice speed read and write of all the phase 3 and 5 phonemes using your sound mats.

This week the focus is on recapping the phonemes au/aw/or all making the same sound. In the weekly planner you will see the activity for each day, with the PDF sheet saved below. Some of these activities are open ended and will require an adult to support, play games or challenge.

  • 2420-3420-real-and-alien-check.pdf

  • 1420-Roll-and-Read-Mat-au.pdf

  • 31320-real-and-nonsense.pdf

  • 30320-au-phoneme-spotter-postcard.pdf

  • soundbutton-examples-2.jpg

  • soundbutton-examples.jpg


Weekly spelling and grammar week beginning 30th March

There is a weekly PDF writing sheet which covers the skills of grammar and punctuation. This can be completed over the week in short bursts. There is a separate PDF which includes spellings for the next 2 weeks and different ways you can learn the words. I have also included a blank look, cover, say, write sheet for use at home.

Long write week beginning 30th March

There is a PDF entitled 'Animal Town' which outlines 3 writing activities to be completed this week. Each activity should take around 20 minutes and after initial adult support, should be completed mostly independently. 

It is a good idea to correct letter formation and ask your child to practice these letters. As a rule, we also mainly correct the key words and ask for them to be written 3 times at the bottom of work.

  • JOY-weekly-writing-tasks-30-3-20-v2.pdf

  • 2420-3420-real-and-alien-check.pdf

  • 1420-Roll-and-Read-Mat-au.pdf

  • JOY-Animal-Town-writing-task-30-3-20.pdf

  • joy-class-spellings-2-weeks.pdf

  • Look-cover-write.pdf


Daily Maths

Choose 2 of these activities to do daily:

Use your 100 square to count up to 100 and back!

Count in 10s up to 100 and back.

Count in 2s up to 20 and back.

Use grid below to practice your quick recall of addition facts and/or number bonds to 10/20

Week beginning 30th March

Please refer to the weekly timetable in the 'other' section which will show the activity required for each day. PDF sheets or PPT will be below for you to download.

Extra things which can be done are:

2/5/10 times tables

Writing numbers as words to at least 10

Writing the months or days of the week

  • 1-4-20-mental-maths.pdf

  • 3420-PPT-Measure-Length-2.pptx

  • 3420-balloons-and-kites-measuring-and-drawing-in-cm.pdf

  • 2420-mental-maths.pdf

  • 31320-shoe-measuring.pdf

  • 31320-mental-maths.pdf

  • 30320-maths-measures.pdf

  • 30320-PPT-Compare-Lengths-and-Heights.pptx

  • Addition-facts-grid-sheet-1-.pdf


Week beginning 30th March 

This week I have added a weekly timetable to show the english and maths activities planned for the week. This will hopefully help you to get a sense of how the week will pan out.

I have also added a selection of ideas to do which are all linked to 'the seasons'. It would be great if you could do at least one this week. Of course, you may choose to do a completely different activity of your own choice

Other ideas:

Oxford Owl - read some ebooks. Email me for log in

Watch Joe Wicks on Youtube every morning at 9am and complete his fitness challenges!!



https://discover.planbee.com/home-learning-enrolment this is a site often used by teachers and it is currently free to parents

Check out the Easter Story resources and our collective worship songs in our 'Home Learning Resources' section. 

  • JOY-weekly-plan-30-3-20.pdf

  • JOY-class-extra-activities-30-3-20.pdf

  • gonoodle_parent_invite_en.pdf

Learning Showcase

Check out some of the learning sent in so far:

  • thumbnail_image1.jpg

  • writing-23320.jpg

  • writing-2-23320.jpg

  • Purple-book-page-2-Arlo.jpg

  • dinosaur-home-learning.jpg

Class Newsletters
  • New-reading-scheme-parent-meeting-info-March-2020.pptx

  • JOY-Letter-to-Parents-Term-4-2020.pdf

  • JOY-Letter-to-Parents-Term-3-2020.pdf

  • Joy-Class-curriculum-coverage-letter-term-1-2019-20.pdf

  • Joy-Class-newsletter-term-1-2019-20.pdf

Home Learning
  • new-reading-scheme-parent-meeting.pptx

  • Home-learning-planner-Term-4-2020-JOY.pdf

  • Joy-Class-Home-learning-planner-Term-3-2020.pdf

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