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We are Year 1s and our teachers are Mrs Magson and Mrs Kelsey

Term 3 Spring 2021

4th January 2021

Hello Joy class!

We hope you all had a good Christmas and we're really sorry we can't all be together this term.

We will upload home learning by 9.30am each morning. If you or your parents have any questions about the home learning, then ask your parents to email joy.sbenger@dbat.org.uk and we will do our best to help you. 

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Magson, Mrs Kelsey and Mrs Wilson

Home learning for 5th January can be found below.

Further details regarding home learning for 6th January onwards will be posted shortly.

This term our topic is called 'Food Glorious Food!' Please see our class letter for details of what we will be learning this term.

In Joy class we are developing our independence and thinking skills and we enjoy learning through play as well as in small groups with an adult. We love our outside area where we can create recipes in the mud kitchen and use our building area to plan and devise exciting projects.

This term we are learning to how to use our COOL time well so that we can show an adult we are making the ,most of these opportunities. COOL time stands for 'continue our own learning' and we have ample time to practice these skills.

School Closure - Learning provision


Weekly Reading 

Pupils: try to read at home with an adult 3 times per week. You could share your school reading book or another one of your own choice. Remember to record your reading in your blue diary.

Adults: remember to ask questions about the text both as you go along and at the end. Ask your child to think of a different ending or predict what might happen when the story is over. Talk about the setting, characters, meaning of new words and enjoyment of the story.

Daily Phonics


Today we will be learning all about the grapheme ie. Join Mrs Magson and Mrs Wilson at 10:10 for our live phonics lesson. Remember to bring along a pen/pencil and some paper.


Watch Mrs Magson teaching the new sound ou today then complete the activity below



Join us at 10:10 for our live phonics lesson where we will be learning about the sound oy.


Watch Mrs Magson teaching the new sound ir today then complete the activity below.



Have a go at revising our new sounds this week: ou, oy,ir. Can you go on a hunt around your house and find these graphemes - they could be in packaging or in books. Write a list of the words you find. You could also practice spelling our tricky words this week which were: little, people, Mr, Mrs, do, some, come. would.

  • 14-1-21-ir-wordsearch.pdf

  • 14-1-21-Roll-and-Read-ir.pdf

  • 12-1-21-Read-ou-words.pdf

  • 12-1-21-Roll-and-Read-ou.pdf

  • Phase-4-Phonics-Activity-Booklet.pdf

  • Phase-3-booklet.pdf

  • Phase-3to-5.pptx

  • Phase-3-and-4-words-to-read.pptx


Daily English

This week our book is 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' by Judith Kerr. Most of our english work will be linked to this story. You can still watch a version of this story which was shown on Channel 4 at Christmas by going to the All4 website. Alternatively there are many versions of the story being read on YouTube!

I have also added a handwriting sheet for you to do at some time throughout the week.


Today I'd like you to have a go at reading some of the story and answer the questions. You will find the work below.

There is also a writing activity about the Tiger in the story for you to add adjectives.


Today I’d like you to have a think about making your own tea party with the Tiger. What food do you think you would like to have at the party?

I’d like you to make a menu for your tea party. You could use the template that I have included on our class page or create one of your own. You could draw pictures of the food or write the words, or a combination of both. You could even use real food and plates and take a photo of your tea party. Try to make your menus as colourful as possible.

I look forward to seeing your menus and all the yummy foods you will include


Today I'd like you to complete your handwriting sheet if you have not yet started. There is also a little passage to read from our story and some questions to answer.

14-1-21 and 15-1-21

Over the next 2 days I'd like you to think about tigers - I expect you already know lots of facts. You are going to create a 'tiger fact file'. I think that you started thinking about animal fact files in Rainbow so you should be good at this. I have added some sheets down below to help you and give you some ideas.

Watch Mrs Magson explaining the task here:



Practice spelling the year 1 common exception words

Set 1: I, go, no, to, into, the

Set 2: he, she, we, me, be, 

Set 3: you, are, her, was, all, they, my

Set 4: said, have, like, so, do, some, come

Set 5:  were, one, there, what, when, out

Set 6: oh, Mrs, Mr, people, their. little

set 7: called, asked, could, would, should, looked

  • 15-1-21-fact-file-tigers.pdf

  • 14-1-21-15-1-21-english-2.pdf

  • 14-1-21-15-1-21-english.pdf

  • 13-1-21-Reading-comp.pdf

  • handwriting-sheet.pdf

  • 12-1-20-menu.pdf

  • 11-1-20-writing.pdf

  • 11-1-21-Reading-comp.pdf

  • Phase-3-and-4-words-to-read.pptx

  • T-L-5167-Phase-3-Phoneme-Flashcards_ver_2.pdf

  • year1to2highfrequencywords.pdf

  • Year-1-Common-Exception-Words.pdf

  • Look-cover-write.pdf


Week beginning 11th January

This week we are looking at numbers to 50 and how to make them using tens and ones. There will be an activity to complete each day. I will also link you to the Oak Academy site to see a lesson.

Please could the children continue with their mental maths practice using the links below. It would also be helpful to practice writing the numeral words to at least 10.


Please watch the clip at:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFHG0zuR42c which is a video of me explaining the task or:


Then complete the activity sheet below


Today we are continuing with thinking about numbers to 50 and how we can partition into tens and ones. Collect your tens and ones apparatus and have a go at practicing some more 2 digit numbers. You could try numbers larger than 50 if you are feeling confident!

You can watch a clip here to help before completing the sheet below.


Further practice can be found at https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ordering-and-sequencing/caterpillar-ordering


We are continuing our work on numbers to 50. Download the PPT to hear me talking through the slides. Then complete the sheet below. If you are confident move on to making numbers to 100 with your tens and ones.

If you would like to, you can watch the clip of Mrs Magson teaching you more about tens and ones! Click below to watch:



Today we are looking at greater than and less than. You will need a pen/pencil and paper as you watch Mrs Magson teach you so that you can join in! Click on the link below before completing the sheet in the download section.



Have a go at practicing something we have learnt this week. Then see if you can write as many ways as you can think of to make 15!

Year 1 Mental Maths Home Learning

Children should practice their number facts via the challenges below. Please ensure children are able to answer with confidence before moving on. 

Set 1

Joy [1 a] Adding 1 (totals up to 10)

Joy 1b Adding 2 (totals up to 10)

Joy 1c Subtracting 1 (from numbers up to 10)

Joy 1d Adding & Subtracting 1 (within 10)

Set 2

JOY [2 a] Addition Facts Up To Five (2)Joy 

Joy [2 b] Addition Facts Up To Six

Joy [2 c] Addition Facts Up To Seven

Joy [2 d] Addition Facts Up To Eight

Joy (2e) Addition facts to nine

Joy [2 f] Addition Facts Up To Ten

Set 3

JOY Subtracting from 4 and 5

JOY Subtracting from 6 and 7

JOY Subtracting from 8 and 9

JOY Subtracting from Ten

  • 14-1-21-greater-than.pdf

  • 13-1-21-JOY-maths.pdf

  • 13-1-21-PPT-Represent-Numbers-to-50.pptx

  • 12-1-21-JOY-maths.pdf

  • 11-1-21-JOY-maths.pdf

  • 100-square.pdf


14-01/2021 Science

After our meeting on Teams this morning please see the presentation (My Body Slide 2) and activities below.

11-1-21 Art (Archimboldo)

Have a look at the PPT called 'Fruity Faces' and the one called 'Class 5'. If you click on the sound icon you will be able to hear me talking through your lesson on Archimboldo. This is currently not working, sorry!

I'd like you to create a fruity face of your own. You can use the sheets below, draw or paint a picture or create one using real fruits and vegetables. You can be as creative as you like! I look forward to seeing your work.

12-1-21 Geography

Look at some fruit and vegetables in your home. Can you find out where they were grown? Have a go at the downloadable sorting activity below. Are you surprised by what is grown in the UK and what is grown abroad? Choose at least two different fruit and vegetables grown outside the UK. Use a map or atlas to find the countries. Do they look far away from the UK? What continent are they in? Add pictures with labels and arrows to the downloadable map to show where each food is from.

My example for bananas from Costa Rica:

Extra challenge: Can you find out what the weather is like in that place? How do you think the weather affects what is grown there?

13-1-21 Music

Today's lesson is music and we are learning all about rhythm. Watch the lesson in the clip to find out more. You could have a search around your house to find things to create rhythms of your own such as pots and pans, wooden spoons etc. Can you listen to one of your favourite songs and play along, keeping the rhythm?


Please have a look at some of our knowledge organisers which show what we will be learning about this term:

  • My-Body-Slide2.pdf

  • Science-Learning-14-01-21.pdf

  • Activity-cards-14-01-21.pdf

  • Science-worksheet-14-01-21.pdf

  • 12-1-21-blank-world-map.pdf

  • 12-1-21-food-sorting-activity.pdf

  • Fruit_Face_DEISGN_SHEET.pdf

  • Face_templates.pdf

  • fruit-pics.pdf

  • Class_5_fruit_faces.ppt

  • Fruit_Faces.ppt

  • My-Body-Slide1.pdf

  • Archimboldo-knowledge-organiser.pdf

  • 1_2-Preparing-fruit-and-vegetables.pdf

Learning Showcase

Check out some of the learning sent in so far:

Class Newsletters
  • JOY-Letter-to-Parents-Term-2-2020.docx

  • New-reading-scheme-parent-meeting-info-March-2020.pptx

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