Welcome to Hope Class!

We are Year 3s and our teachers are Mrs Bucksey and Mrs McSloy

Term 6
Hello Hope class - we hope that you are all keeping well and that you've had a lovely weekend!

This week our mini topic is 'Under the Sea'. 

Please scroll down for the Reading, Writing and Maths tasks for each day. Under the 'Other' section, there is a PDF with the weekly topic-related activities that we hope you will be able to do in the afternoons - covering subjects such as History, Geography, RE, Art & DT, Music and Computing as well as French and Science. 

Please remember to take part in our Virtual Sports day event on Monday or Tuesday. Have a look under 'Latest News' on the School Website Home Page for details. You can find out how to submit your scores on last Friday's school newsletter.

We are really looking forward to seeing some more of your amazing pieces of work and photographs of activities that you get up to!

School Closure - Learning provision


Wednesday 8th July

Visit the Literacy Shed for this wonderful resource on The Lighthouse: https://www.literacyshed.com/the-lighthouse.html

Use p. 4 from the activity pack (saved below the Reading section) as you watch the clip:

Keep Yours Eyes Open - How many of the things listed can you spot? Tick them when you see them. You might need to watch the clip more than once!

Complete the reading comprehension on p.11 in the activity pack as well if you can. You may also like to complete the word search on p.5.

Thursday 9th July Listen to/watch the Story of Grace Darling: https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/class-clips-video/true-stories-grace-darling/z4y7pg8

After watching the first part of the film, think about how different it must have been for Grace living in a lighthouse. What would have been the good things about living in a lighthouse, and what not so good?

After rescuing the people from the storm, Grace says that 'perhaps she was brave.' Do you think she was brave?

Did she deserve all the attention from newspapers and painters?

Do you agree with Grace that the attention and fame was because she was a girl?


Please continue to read to an adult throughout the week. (Record your reading in your school diary as normal if you still have space!)

Oxford Owl - Free eBook library https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/

Collins - Free access to books online



Teacher portal and enter -

Username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk

Password: Parents20!

Listen to David Walliams' Daily Audio Books:


  • The-Lighthouse-KS2-Activity-Pack-KS2-Activity-Pack.pdf

  • End-plastic-pollution-differentiated-reading-comprehension-activity.pdf

  • Ocean_Emporium_Extract.pdf



Week commencing: 06.07.20 - Year 3/4 Words  

Choose the next 5 of your Precision Spelling words


Learn the next 8 or 10 of the Y3/4 Words: 

particular, perhaps, popular, position, possess, possible, potatoes, pressure    

particular, peculiar, perhaps, popular, position, possess, possession, possible, potatoes, pressure

Practise the spellings using a variety of methods from your Spelling Menu and then test yourself at the end of the week.



Learn to spell the names of some of the world’s oceans and seas.

Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Southern Ocean, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Caribbean Sea

Y3/4 Statutory Spellings Handwriting sheets have also been provided for you to use over the next few weeks: practise this week's spellings on pages 8 & 9. Please focus on sitting your writing on the line, accurate letter formation and careful joins. 


Writing Tasks  (Please see LKS2 English Plan below if you'd like to see the activities for the whole week.)

Wednesday 8th July

Listen to and read along with some of the poems in the Under the Sea collection here:


Can you compare the different uses of language in two of the poems?

Then: Write a Diamante poem – see Literacy shed lighthouse activity pack p.6-7 (saved under the Reading section or you can view it online):

Thursday 9th July

Visit the Literacy Shed again for this wonderful resource on The Lighthouse:



 (also saved under the Reading section of this web page).

After watching the story, use the support given in the activity pack on p.12-14, to write a section of the story:

Can you write the story from where the lamp smashes and the ship approaches? Remember to make your writing as exciting as possible. Use the sentence starter ideas on p.12 to help you. You may find it helpful to produce a comic strip of the story first (see p.14).


ALTERNATIVE IDEAS: Write a ‘Finding Tale' using Finding Nemo as a stimulus. Who gets lost in their story? How do they find them?

OR For even more of a challenge, write an adventure story based on Treasure Island:


  • 06-07-20-LKS2-English-Plan.pdf

  • Handwriting-practice-Y3-4-Statutory-Spellings.pdf

  • Blank-Spelling-Practice-Sheet.pdf

  • KS2-Spelling-Menu.pdf


I have removed all of the documents from last week. If you would like a copy then send an email to the class email address. 

We have completed the Fluent in 5 programme. If you would like to continue to do some Mental math's then have a look at this.


You can choose from different levels - Year 3 is Level 3. You can also choose from a variety of topics to work on. You can also decide how long you would like to answer each question. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

This week we are moving on to learning about Turns, Angles and 2D shapes. Let me know how you get on! 

Children can and should use practical resources such as clocks, counters, pieces of pasta, toys, etc. where they feel this would help model a calculation or a problem.

 If you are struggling with an activity please contact us via the class email address.

Please also remember to keep up your learning on Times Tables Rockstars!

  • 9-7-20-challenges-HC.pdf

  • 8-7-20-starter.pdf

  • 8-7-20-HC-maths-activities.pdf

  • 8-7-20-HC-lesson.pdf

  • 8-7-20-3-star-extension.pdf

  • 7-7-20-maths-activities.pdf

  • 7-7-20-lesson.pdf

  • 7-7-20-HC-starter.pdf

  • 7-7-20-3-star-extension.pdf

  • 6-7-20-starter.pdf

  • 6-7-20-HC-maths-activities.pdf

  • 6-7-20-HC-lesson.pdf

  • 6-7-20-3-star-extension.pdf

  • Fluent-in-Five-Year-2-Week-3.pdf

  • Fluent-in-Five-Year-2-Week-1.pdf

  • Fluent-in-Five-Year-2-Week-2.pdf

  • Fluent-in-Five-Year-2-Week-5.pdf

  • Fluent-in-Five-Year-2-Week-4.pdf

  • Fluent-in-Five-Year-3-Week-5.pdf

  • Fluent-in-Five-Year-2-Week-6.pdf

  • Fluent-in-Five-Year-3-Week-3.pdf

  • Fluent-in-Five-Year-3-Week-6.pdf

  • Fluent-in-Five-Year-3-Week-4.pdf

  • Fluent-in-Five-Year-3-Week-2.pdf

  • Fluent-in-Five-Year-3-Week-1.pdf


NEW! ***Please see 'Week 6 - Under the Sea Topic Planner' below and choose some afternoon activities for the week.***

NEW!***Join in and boogie with Oti as she teaches us an under the sea dance!


NEW! ***Please find Hope Class Rainforest Powerpoint & Quiz below, in case you missed it or want to look at this again.

NEW! Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Activities and Games:

DT -  Make a Thaumatrope Animation of one of the beautiful birds from the rainforest): 


or have a go at making a Flip Book:


NEW! Some of the biggest names in the UK invite the audience into their homes as they become Celebrity Supply Teachers - covering a range of different subjects: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/m000jy8k/celebrity-supply-teacher

P.S.H.E. - see 'Ideas for well-being at home' document below. 

P.E. - Use GoNoodle to stay active with dance-alongs, yoga videos, mindfulness activities, and other awesome ways to move while reinforcing educational topics. Great news! Your family can make screen time active and play GoNoodle at home for FREE! https://assets-gnp-ssl.gonoodle.com/parent_invite_pdfs/gonoodle_parent_invite_en.pdf

Watch Joe Wicks on Youtube every morning at 9am and complete his fitness challenges!!

  • Week-6-Under-the-sea-Y3-5-topic-planner.pdf

  • Rainforests-Information-and-Quiz-Hope-Class-Zoom.pdf

  • Rainforests-Information-and-Quiz-Hope-Class-Zoom.pptx

  • Hope-class-World-War-2-quiz.pdf

  • Ideas-for-Well-being-at-home.pdf

Learning Showcase

Check out some of the learning sent in so far:

  • Rainforest-destruction-GH.pptx

  • Ancient-Egypt-presentation-LB-16-6-20.pdf

  • South-Africa-16-6-20-hc.pdf

  • BE-NEW-ZEALAND-16-6-20.pdf

  • Australia-powerpoint-16-6-20-GH.pdf

  • Dynamic-Dragon-Duo-poem-by-TAt-18-6-20.jpg

  • Italy-facts-16-6-20-TAn.jpg

  • Thomas-P-s-Anansi-story-16-06-20.pdf

  • Logan-s-Math-s-challenge-04-06-20.pdf

  • BE-Hawker-Hurricane-presentation-4-6-20.pdf

  • Dogfight-witness-account-IBW-3-6-20.jpg

  • SD-BOB-Dog-fight-Witness-Account-3-6-20.jpg

  • GH-Newspaper-report-19-5-20.pdf

  • WW2-Newspaper-report-BE.pdf

  • Newspaper-report-1-pub.pdf

  • LB-Spitfire-Memorial.pdf

  • Brushing-your-teeth.pdf

  • Dachshund-writing.jpg

  • Silas-Big-Horrible-History-Quiz.pptx

  • Evacuation-Poetry-1.pdf

  • Silas-Big-Horrible-History-Quiz.pdf

  • Rationing-Presentation-GH.pptx

  • AW-Sun-Safety-Advert.jpg

  • Rationing-Presentation-GH.pdf

  • Theo-s-World-War-II-Rationing-report-14-05-20.pdf

  • Rationing-by-WC.pdf

  • WW2-Animation-by-TP.mp4

  • GH-Evacuation-poster.jpg

  • facts-about-horses.jpg

  • Hammerhead-Sharks-by-NF.pdf


  • Mine-Craft-Viking-Longship.pdf

  • WC-How-to-make-a-fruity-snack.jpg

  • BE-WW2-Rationing-Presentation-13-5-20.pdf

  • BE-About-Lynxes.pdf

  • SD-s-information-writing-about-Orangutans.docx

  • Information-writing-on-pandas-by-MRH.pdf

  • Friend-or-foe-Cartoon-Logan.jpg

  • Donkeys-writing.jpg

  • hammerhead-sharks.jpg

  • My-night-in-an-Anderson-shelter-by-WS.pdf


  • Information-writing-on-pandas-by-WS.pdf

  • fraction-number-lines.jpg


Class Newsletters
  • Hope-Class-Newsletter-Term-4-2020.pdf

  • Hope-Class-Newsletter-Term-2-2019-.pdf

  • Hope-Class-Newsletter-Term-1-2019.pdf

  • Hope-Class-Newsletter-Term-5-2020.pdf

  • Hope-Class-Newsletter-Term-3-2020.pdf

Home Learning
  • Hope-Class-Home-learning-planner-Term-1-2019.pdf

  • Hope-Class-Home-learning-planner-Term-3-2020.pdf

  • Hope-Class-Home-learning-planner-Term-4-2020-.pdf

  • Hope-Class-Home-learning-planner-Term-2-2019-.pdf

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