Welcome to Hope Class!

We are Year 3s and our teachers are Mrs McSloy and Mrs Elson

Hello Hope class children and families! 

This term, our topic is "Epic Egyptians!"

Not long to go now before we can see you all in the classroom again, but for now let's keep going with our incredible remote learning. You are all doing brilliantly and we are really proud of you all. 

Please email any completed tasks to our class email address which is hope.sbenger@dbat.org.uk. We love receiving emails from you so please keep them coming. Please also use this address if you have any questions or concerns during this lockdown period. 

Please find a timetable below for Wednesday 3rd to Friday 5th March. The Zoom links that are mentioned have been emailed to you. 

Best wishes,

Mrs McSloy :-)

School Closure - Learning provision


Remote Learning Task Today

World Book Day - Don't forget our World Book Day Bedtime Story event at 6pm today (Thursday 4th March). The Zoom details have been emailed to you.

Thursday 4th March - Reading for Pleasure. 

Enjoy 20 minutes of reading. If you would like to, you could listen to the story below. 

Daily Story Time (Optional)

'Secrets of a Sun King' by Emma Carroll.

Chapter 1: https://youtu.be/nklF1tPl-eQ

Chapter 2: https://youtu.be/NoMcgy-XQXQ

Chapter 3: https://youtu.be/ZGvuiRww1m0

Chapter 4: https://youtu.be/gYgZG7xiGqM

Chapter 5: https://youtu.be/Rpdj0k1pQdk (Part 1)

                 https://youtu.be/7jEQ1D4zXGU (Part 2)

                 https://youtu.be/iVC3RKaE3wE (Part 3)

Chapter 6: https://youtu.be/JYZNTrLeyCY

Chapter 7: https://youtu.be/Iigz09V2gzM

Chapter 8: https://youtu.be/N5tWjHtGUNA

Chapter 9: https://youtu.be/zSFF_wY-YPw

Please continue to read a book of your choice for at least 20 minutes each day.

Oxford Owl - Free eBook library https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/

Collins - Free access to books online


Listen to David Walliams' Daily Audio Books:



Remote Learning Task Today:

Thursday 4th March - World Book Day activities

There will be a live lesson on Zoom at 10:45, where I will introduce a range of fun book-related activities for you to try today.

Wednesday 3rd March - Grammar

Please find a recorded lesson here: https://youtu.be/Zf6zogeRWUA

Then, choose your level of challenge from the Fluency sheet and Application and Reasoning activity sheet below.

Optional Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Activities and Games:


Please find this week's spellings saved below. (01/03/21 Spellings - The ‘u’ sound spelt with an ‘o’)

Choose your level of challenge - children are usually given 6, 8 or 10 spellings.

Practise your weekly spellings using a variety of methods from the KS2 Spelling Menu (see below). If possible, ask someone to test you on your spellings on Fridays.

You may also like to try some of the games on the Spellzone website: https://www.spellzone.com/word_lists/games-179.htm

  • 04-03-21-world-book-day-scavenger-hunt-checklist.pdf

  • Story-in-a-Box-World-Book-Day-4-3-21.pdf

  • 04-03-21-World-Book-Day-Paper-Chains-activity.pdf

  • 03-03-21-GPS-Determiners-Step-1-What-is-a-Vowel-Varied-Fluency.pdf

  • 03-03-21-GPS-Determiners-Step-1-What-is-a-Vowel-Application-Reasoning-Y3.pdf

  • 01-03-21-Spellings-the-u-sound-spelt-with-an-o-.pdf

  • KS2-Spelling-Menu.pdf


Remote Learning Task Today:

I have left this link to 'Hit the Button', should you wish to use it as a 'warm up' activity: 

Hit the Button Maths game

Thursday 4th March

Please find a recorded lesson here: https://youtu.be/CcfmUBWBvhI

Please complete some Fluency and Reasoning & Problem-solving questions - choose your level of challenge and starting point from the activity sheets below. Check your answers using the answer sheet, which can be found on the last page of each document.

 Challenge 1   Challenge 2   Challenge 3


Wednesday 3rd March

This will be our live lesson today on Zoom at 10.45am. Please complete some Fluency and Reasoning & Problem-solving questions - choose your level of challenge and starting point from the activity sheets below. Check your answers using the answer sheet, which can be found on the last page of each document.

Prior Learning  Challenge 1   Challenge 2   Challenge 3


Please remember to use Times Tables Rockstars regularly in order to improve your Times Tables knowledge and speed!

If you would like some additional Mental math's activities, you may like to visit: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/daily10

You can choose from different levels - Year 3 is Level 3. There are a variety of topics to work on. Select how long you would like to answer each question. 

In addition, the excellent White Rose Maths have made available workbooks covering each individual area of the Primary maths curriculum. They are free to download from the White Rose website: 


Maths quizzes

Below are links to our Hope Class quizzes that you can use to support your maths learning. These can be used alongside your Times Tables Rockstars or instead of your Times Tables Rockstars to complete your Niners challenge each week. 

Addition and Subtraction up to 10

Hope [1 a] Adding 1 (totals up to 10)

Hope [1 b] Adding 2 (totals up to 10)

Hope 1c Subtracting 1 (from numbers up to 10) 

Hope 1d Adding & Subtracting 1 (within 10) 

Hope [1 e] Doubles Up To Ten 

Hope [1 f] Adding 1 (totals up to 20) 

Hope [1 g] Subtracting 1 (from numbers up to 20)

Hope [1 h] Halving up to ten

Addition Facts

Hope [2 a] Addition Facts Up To Five 

Hope [2 b] Addition Facts Up To Six 

Hope [2 c] Addition Facts Up To Seven 

Hope [2 d] Addition Facts Up To Eight 

Hope [2 e] Addition Facts Up To Nine 

Hope [2 f] Addition Facts Up To Ten

Subtraction Facts

Hope [3 a] Subtracting from 4 and 5 

Hope [3 b] Subtracting from 6 and 7

Hope [3 c] Subtracting from 8 and 9 

Hope [3 d] Subtracting from Ten 

Up to 10

Hope [4a] Adding and subtracting within Ten 

Hope [4b] Number Bonds to Ten 

Hope [4c] Missing Numbers Within Ten 

Hope [4d] Adding three numbers within Ten 

Hope [4e] Adding Ten (single digits) 

Up to 20

Hope [4f] Doubles Up To Twenty 

Hope [4g] Near Doubles Up To Twenty

  • 04-03-21-Varied-Fluency-Calculate-Perimeter.pdf

  • 04-03-21-Reasoning-Problem-Solving-Calculate-Perimeter.pdf

  • 03-03-21-Measure-Length-Prior-Learning-Activity.pdf

  • 03-03-21-Varied-Fluency-Measure-Perimeter.pdf

  • 03-03-21-Reasoning-Problem-Sovling-Measure-Perimeter.pdf

  • Times-Tables-Multiplication-square.pdf


Remote Learning Task Today

Thursday 4th March - Music

Exploring 4 beats in a bar. In this lesson, we are going to explore how music is organised and look at music with 4 beats in a bar.

Please click on the link to start the lesson:


Wednesday 3rd March - History

Live lesson at 2pm on Zoom. (The link has been emailed to you and is the same link as this morning's lesson.)

In today’s History lesson we will be finding out some key facts about pharaohs and designing a royal sarcophagus. Please find the 03.03.21 Egyptians Pharaohs Lesson presentation saved below, along with the Pharaoh activity sheets.

Tuesday 2nd March


We are having a virtual cricket lesson on Teams at 1pm. The link has been emailed to you. Please make sure you are wearing something that you can move easily in. You will also need a bat of some kind and something to catch. 


Please find a recorded session here: https://youtu.be/57MWGjIFwfY

Monday 22nd February 2021 - 


Please find a recorded session here: https://youtu.be/_RvxPx07PL4

Please find the PDFs for the session below. You will need the package that was delivered in order to complete this lesson. 

P.E. - Use GoNoodle to stay active with dance-alongs, yoga videos, mindfulness activities, and other awesome ways to move while reinforcing educational topics. Great news! Your family can make screen time active and play GoNoodle at home for FREE! https://assets-gnp-ssl.gonoodle.com/parent_invite_pdfs/gonoodle_parent_invite_en.pdf

Watch Joe Wicks on Youtube every morning at 9am and complete his fitness challenges!! 

  • 03-03-21-Pharaoh-Activity-Sheets.pdf

  • 03-03-21-Topic-Lesson3-Egyptian-Pharaohs-KS2-History.pdf

  • Science-01-03-21-pdf.pdf

Learning Showcase

Check out some of the learning sent in so far:

  • BM-Newspaper-report-5-2-21.pdf

  • AJ-Newspaper-report.pdf

  • ZA-newspaper-report-5-2-21.pdf

  • Newspaper-Article-WP-5-2-21.pdf

  • Gloop-s-Sticky-exit-Toby-P-5-2-21.pdf

  • PH-Science.jpg

  • BM-Healthy-Food-ppt.pptx

  • BM-Healthy-Food-ppt-PDF.pdf

  • PH-summary-of-the-text.jpg

  • PH-RE.jpg

  • FC-summary-of-the-text.jpg

  • UP-Science.pdf

  • TP-RE.jpg

  • TC-RE.jpg

  • AJ-speech-in-writing.jpg

  • PH-speech-in-writing.jpg

  • ZA-Science.png

  • ZA-description.png

  • AD-too-much-sugar.jpg

  • NJ-summary-of-the-text.docx

  • WP-summary-of-the-text.jpg

  • TP-summary-of-the-text.jpg

  • TC-summary-of-the-text.jpg

  • TA-summary-of-the-text.pdf

  • MS-summary-of-the-text.jpg

  • KS-summary-of-the-text.jpg

  • MS-powerpoint-willy-wonka.pdf

  • KS-Willy-Wonka-sweet-presentation-15-1-21.pdf

  • OTS-Puppy-dog-ears-15-1-21.pdf

  • Meg-Recipe-08012021.docx

  • Horrible-food-Meg-08012021.pptx

  • Revolting-recipe-AJ-8-1-21.jpg

  • Acrostic-food-poems-KS-7-1-21.jpg

  • Acrostic-food-poems-MS-7-1-21.jpg

  • Chocolate-Acrostic-Poem-OTS-7-1-21.pdf

  • TC-s-Recipe-8-1-21.pdf

  • Polar-Bears-TP.pptx

  • Liberian-Lynx-WP.pptx

  • sea-turtles.pptx

Class Newsletters
  • HOPE-Letter-to-Parents-Term-2.docx

  • HOPE-Letter-to-Parents-Term-1-2020-2021.pdf

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