Friday 26th June 2020       Well-being Activities

Please find below a selection of well-being activities to help you have a restful, creative, or reflective Friday. Each Friday, a new set of activities will be published for you to choose as many or as few to complete as you wish. We hope you enjoy!


This app will excite budding directors, artists, authors and musicians. Turn your drawings into 3D cartoon animations, record your voice to narrate or add dialogue, learn how to mix a soundtrack to create a mood and experiment creating different genres.


More veg, less meat summer bolognese

Try this pasta dish packed full of healthy vegetables – if you don’t have the veg listed, just add some different veg instead!

pasta bolognese

Junk modelling

Get creative with your recycling. See what you can make from your recycled plastics and card.

Paper aeroplane challenge

Experiment with different shapes and sizes of paper aeroplanes. Which travels the furthest? Why do you think that is?

Dear Diary

Start a diary. Each day write about what you have done and how you have felt. Keep it and when you’re older, read it back and we’re sure you will find it entertaining!

Being thankful

Play the Skittles gratitude game. If you don’t have Skittles or M&M’s don’t worry! You can make coloured spots or maybe a spinner to help you choose. It is good to talk about what we are thankful for and to think of all the positive things in our lives.

Well-being Bingo

Try the ‘Young Minds’ well-being bingo. Find it in the PDF in the ‘home learning files’ section on the previous page. 

Have a good news day 

Find three positive news stories online, or if your parents use social media, see if they can follow three positive news accounts on social media and share the stories with you.