Please find below a selection of well-being activities to help you have a restful, creative, or reflective Friday. Each Friday, a new set of activities will be published for you to choose as many or as few to complete as you wish. We hope you enjoy! 

Natures Scenes
Create the outside, inside. Recreate the natural world in a collage. Use newspapers, magazines, scrap paper, clothes - whatever materials you can find. What landscape will you choose? You might recreate mountains, the sea, a jungle, or a snowy scene. You could work from a photograph, or your imagination...

If you have more time... Could you repeat this challenge using words?

Write down the words you might use to describe the scene, and layer and shape them to create some word art that captures your landscape.

Classroom Quotes
Read each of the quotes and discuss with people at home what they mean. Choose your favourite, print it out and colour it in. Display it at home to give you inspiration when you are finding your learning tough. See the PDF of quotes in the ‘home learning files’ section at the bottom of the previous page.

Mini Pizza Quiches
Do you feel like rustling up a tasty snack? Then check out the recipe for these mini pizza quiches here 

Wind Chimes
A wind chime adds an extra sensory element to your garden. Use your creative skills to make a wind chime or mobile using recycled items or natural materials. Find the instructions on the Wind Chime PDF in the ‘home learning files’ section on the previous page.

Code Cracking
Can you create your own secret code? You could use letters, numbers, pictures, or something else! Can you get someone else in your family to try and crack it?

Keep moving!
Make up a dance routine to your favourite song. Can you learn the words too and sing along as you perform your dance?
Or, check out ‘Squish the Fish, A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!’ on YouTube here

Lego Challenges
Try one of these Lego challenges:

  • Design and build your dream bedroom.
  • Make a robot that could do a household chore you dislike doing.
  • You’ve been hired by a theme park to design a build a new rollercoaster.
  • Captain Hook needs a new pirate ship and wants you to build it.