Friday 19th June 2020       Well-being Activities

Please find below a selection of well-being activities to help you have a restful, creative, or reflective Friday. Each Friday, a new set of activities will be published for you to choose as many or as few to complete as you wish. We hope you enjoy!

Chocolate brownie cake

Time for an indulgent treat this week? Try this rich chocolate brownie cake. recipe here

Love Lego?

Explore the wide range of videos and activities at:link 

Bonjour, Hola, Guten Morgen, Ciao!

Learn a language of your choice for free – check out the Duolingo website or app: here

Spread joy

Write kind messages on small pieces of paper and leave them around the house for other people in your family to find.

Word wizard

How many different words can you make using the letters in this sentence: I’m a home learning hero.

Save the Children Stress Busters

Try out the Stress Buster activities from the Save the Children charity website. Find the list of activities in the PDF in the ‘home learning files’ section on the previous page.