Friday 3rd July 2020       Well-being Activities

Please find below a selection of well-being activities to help you have a restful, creative, or reflective Friday. Each Friday, a new set of activities will be published for you to choose as many or as few to complete as you wish. We hope you enjoy!

Mail a hug

An easy way to brighten the day of a friend or loved one that they don’t see often!

Mindful breathing

Kindness bingo

How many of the items on the ‘kindness bingo’ board can you tick off? See the photo in the ‘home learning files’ section on the previous page.

Creative cook

Cook something using just the contents of your cupboards and fridge – no trip to the shops! How inventive can you be?

Shake Up Games!

Change4Life and Disney have teamed up to bring you new Shake Up games inspired by some much loved Disney and Pixar films. They are 10-minute bursts of fun to get children moving. Check out the Shake Up games here:Shake Up Games

Keep active!

Set yourself a fitness challenge - how many flights of stairs can you climb in a week? Check out the PDF in the ‘home learning files’ section on the previous page if you feel like taking on this challenge over a period of weeks.

Natural art

Go on a walk or look in your garden for natural objects to collect. Can you use these to create a piece of artwork? Take a look at Andy Goldsworthy’s creations for some inspiration: