Welcome to Hazel Class! This term our theme is 'Let's Celebrate!'

We are Year 1 and 2 and our teachers is Mrs Magson.

This term our topic is called 'Let's Celebrate' and we will be learning about many festivals which have light as their focus.

Our philosophy of learning in Year 1 and 2

In year one we passionately believe that young children learn best through play and exploration. Wherever possible we offer children the opportunity to experience real life events that are linked to their learning.  Every day our children get the opportunity to be an artist, writer, mathematician, scientist, designer or a storyteller to name but a few! These play-based experiences enable the children to consolidate their skills, knowledge and understanding and enable them to be become independent and resilient learners. Throughout the environment, both inside and outside, you will see busy children actively engaged in a wide range of activities that they themselves have chosen. Continuous provision supports and encourages our children and staff to have a lifelong love of learning. 

In Hazel class the children have daily opportunities to use continuous provision to enhance their learning and to develop their own ideas and interests.  Opportunities are carefully planned to ensure progression from Early Years to Year 1.

The children are introduced to weekly challenges where they can independently apply skills which have previously been taught.  This allows children to demonstrate their understanding which in turn allows staff to plan the next steps in the children's learning journey.  Within each phase the children are able to free flow between the classroom and the outside area to ensure access to all areas of provision.

In year two we also believe that access to play and provision is essential. Although the children will be expected to work for longer on teacher led and independent tasks, they will also have access to challenges which are open ended as part of their learning. These activities will enable development of independent thinking skills, creativity, resourcefulness and social skills.

This term we are thinking how to use our COOL time well so that we can show an adult we are making the ,most of these opportunities. COOL time stands for 'continue our own learning' and we have ample time to practice these skills.

We are also developing our challenge time; the children in year one will be working towards completing a daily challenge independently, whilst year two will be required to  show that they have planned, completed and reviewed their challenges. An adult will also check that we are completing our challenges.

Home Learning


Weekly Reading 

Please try to hear your child read at home 3 times a week and record this in their blue diary. Books will be changed weekly. Your child should read their book at least 3 times: the first time for decoding, second time for fluency and lastly for comprehension.

Adults: remember to ask questions about the text both as you go along and at the end. Ask your child to think of a different ending or predict what might happen when the story is over. Talk about the setting, characters, meaning of new words and enjoyment of the story.

Big Cat Collins ebooks

In addition your child should has a log in for the ebooks which will give them access to a selection of books allocated to them. These books match their current phonic level and are decodable. Please see letter below for further clarification.


The games below can be played at home to practice and embed skills taught in school.

Forest Phonics

Sound Sayer

Phonics Pop

Below is a selection of phonic videos which have been archived from lockdown for your child to watch at home if they need further practice.

The ay family

The ee family

The ie family

aw, au and or

ew grapheme

  • phase-5-revision-booklet.pdf

  • phase-3-revision-booklet-consonant.pdf

  • phase-4-revision-booklet.pdf

  • Collins-eBooks_Big-Cat-Parent-Guide.pdf

  • Phase-3to-5.pptx

  • Phase-3-and-4-words-to-read.pptx



Spellings will be sent home on a Friday. Children in Hazel Class are expected to practice their spellings using the look, cover, write, check method at least 3 times a week. There is a sheet in their folders for them to use. Spellings make up part of our weekly niners.

Children in year 1 will begin bringing home spellings in term 3

Spelling check up will take place the following Friday and new spellings will be sent home. If you would like extra then you can always practice the Year 1 or 2 common exception words. There are examples of these below.

  • Year-1-and-2-CEW.pdf

  • year1to2highfrequencywords.pdf

  • Year-1-Common-Exception-Words.pdf

  • Look-cover-write.pdf


Below are some links to games to help with maths skills at home

Hit the Button

Mental Maths Train

Daily 10

Year 1 Mental Maths Home Learning

Children should practice their number facts via the challenges below. Please ensure children are able to answer with confidence before moving on. 

Set 1

Joy [1 a] Adding 1 (totals up to 10)

Joy 1b Adding 2 (totals up to 10)

Joy 1c Subtracting 1 (from numbers up to 10)

Joy 1d Adding & Subtracting 1 (within 10)

Set 2

JOY [2 a] Addition Facts Up To Five (2)Joy 

Joy [2 b] Addition Facts Up To Six

Joy [2 c] Addition Facts Up To Seven

Joy [2 d] Addition Facts Up To Eight

Joy (2e) Addition facts to nine

Joy [2 f] Addition Facts Up To Ten

Set 3

JOY Subtracting from 4 and 5

JOY Subtracting from 6 and 7

JOY Subtracting from 8 and 9

JOY Subtracting from Ten

Set 4

JOY doubling within 10

JOY adding 3 digits

JOY halving within 20

JOY number bonds to 10

JOY adding and subtracting within 10

JOY missing numbers within 10

In addition there are a selection of work books below which can be used as further practice.

Year 2 Maths

Once the above activities have been completed the children can have a go at the addition and subtraction sheets below. 

There are also some Year 2 booklets for further practice.

  • Year-2-Maths-Addition-and-Subtraction.pdf

  • Year-2-place-value-booklet.pdf

  • addition-of-3-numbers.pdf

  • subtraction-within-20.pdf

  • addition-within-20.pdf

  • Year-1-Place-Value-booklet.pdf

  • Year-1-Addition-and-Subtraction-Workbook.pdf

  • 100-square.pdf


Other activities you can try:


What is pitch?

PE and fitness

Watch the clip below in which our PE provider Fortius Sports help you become a fitness super hero!

Superhero fitness activities

Well being and Mental Health

This week has been children's mental health week. Mrs Kelsey has been sharing these clips in school. Perhaps you'd like to watch them at home too?

KS1: Feeling Better - BBC Teach 

Learning Showcase

Check out some of the learning sent in so far:

  • IMG_4039.jpg

  • IMG_4038.jpg

  • car-4.jpg

  • car-3.jpg

  • car-2.jpg

  • car-1.jpg

Class Newsletters
  • HAZEL-Letter-to-Parents-Term-2-2021.docx

  • Parent-reading-letter-v2.pdf

  • HAZEL-Letter-to-Parents-Term-1-2021.pdf

  • New-reading-scheme-parent-meeting-info-March-2020.pptx

Home Learning
  • handwriting-book.pdf

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