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I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Question of the day: What is a baby kangaroo called?

Please keep emailing me photos of your home learning, it's always good to see what you've been doing.

If you or your parents have any questions about the home learning, then ask your parents to email faith.sbenger@dbat.org.uk and I will do my best to help you.

Take care

Miss Moseley

School Closure - Learning provision


18.1.21 - Reading comprehension - Pet Care of a Bearded Dragon

Please complete the reading comprehension at your chosen level of challenge - *, ** or *** in full sentences.

Read the text carefully, underlining any unfamiliar word, then use a dictionary to find a definition https://www.dictionary.com/ before answering the questions. Make sure each sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop.

Then mark your work using the answer sheet provided.

  • Pet-Care-of-a-Bearded-Dragon-Differentiated-Reading-Comprehension-Activity.pdf


18.1.21 - Poetry review

Please click on the link below where I explain today's English lesson. 


Your English task is explained in the video and the resources are attached below.

Spellings - week beginning 18.1.21

(If you normally practise spellings with Mrs Beresford, your precision teaching spellings will be sent to you separately.)

This week we are learning to spell homophones. These are words that are spelt differently but sound the same.

Use the KS2 spelling menu attached to practise the following words: scene, seen, mail, male, ball, bawl, their, there, they're.

Please ask an adult to test you on these spellings on Friday.

  • Poetry-resources-18-1-21.docx

  • KS2-Spelling-Menu.pdf


If you have been practising your number bonds, please continue to do so using the links below. Alternatively, continue with times tables practise using Times Table Rock Stars.

Adding one (totals to ten)

Adding two (totals to ten)

Subtracting one (from numbers up to ten)

Adding and subtracting one (within ten)

Doubles up to ten

Adding one (totals up to twenty)

Subtracting one (from numbers up to twenty)

Halving up to ten

Addition facts up to five

Addition facts up to six

Addition facts up to seven

Addition facts up to eight

Addition facts up to nine

Addition facts up to ten

Subtracting from four and five

Subtracting from six and seven

Subtracting from eight and nine

Subtracting from ten

Adding and subtracting within ten

Number bonds to ten

Missing numbers within ten

Adding three numbers within ten

Adding ten (single digits)

Doubles up to twenty

Near doubles up to twenty

18.1.21 -  11 and 12 times table

Please try to complete as much of your work by yourself. Before you ask for help read the question again and try and think of a different way to solve it. If you're still unsure, ask an adult.

1. Please read the attached Powerpoint.

2. Answer one strip of the fluency questions at your chosen level of challenge.

3. Mark the fluency questions using the answer sheet provided.

4. If you got all or most of the fluency questions correct, answer one strip of the reasoning and problem solving questions. If you feel you need more practise with the fluency questions, please complete the other fluency questions (a/b) that you did not complete in stage 2.

5. Mark either the reasoning and problem solving questions or the extra fluency questions using the answer sheet provided.

I have attached a 100 square which you may need at different points this term. If you need any further resources, please let me know.

  • Year-4-Spring-Block-1-Step-1-VF-11-and-12-Times-Table.pdf

  • Year-4-Spring-Block-1-Step-1-RPS-11-and-12-Times-Table.pdf

  • Year-4-Spring-Block-1-Step-1-PPT-11-and-12-Times-Table.pptx

  • t-n-016-100-square-hundred-square_ver_5.pdf


Science - 18.1.21

Ideas to support well being at home 

Please see the attached document for some activities to do at home.

50 things to do before you're 11 and 3/4 

Here are some suggestions for activities from the National Trust. There are 50 things here that you could do before you're eleven and three quarters. Why not see how many you can complete!

You can find the list here: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/features/50-things-to-do-before-youre-11--activity-list


Active January

Daily PE challenges for every day in January - please see the PDF below.

PE with Joe

Joe Wicks has a daily PE session at 9am on his YouTube channel.

Go Noodle


  • january-active-calendar-full-colour.pdf

  • Ideas-for-Well-being-at-home.pdf

Learning Showcase

Check out some of the learning sent in so far:

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