Welcome to Faith Class!

We are Year 4s and our teacher is Miss Moseley

Hello Faith class!

It was great to see so many of you at the Zoom lunch yesterday with your pets and favourite books! 

I hope you all have a good break over Easter.

Take care

Miss Moseley

School Closure - Learning provision



Read a story with someone else for 10 minutes. Ask each other questions about what you have read.


Read a book for 10 minutes and then summarise what you have read to an adult. After that, tell them which was your favourite/least favourite part of the story and why.



Write a set of instructions for a chore using time connectives and prepositions. Use the PDF writing template if you would like to, it has three different levels of challenge (*, ** or ***).


Retell the story of your favourite film/book, add pictures if you would like to. Present your work in whatever way you like.

  • T-L-5270-Instructions-Writing-Frame-Template.pdf



Practise telling the time through this game: https://mathsframe.co.uk/en/resources/resource/116/telling-the-time The game you need is the one near the bottom of the page with a bear saying, "What's the time?" Click on the play button to start the game.


Spend 20 minutes playing Times Tables Rock Stars in the ‘studio’.


30.3.20 - 3.4.20

Choose any of these creative activities to complete this week:

Check out the Easter Story resources and our collective worship songs in the 'Home Learning Resources' section of the school website.

Decorate a hard-boiled egg.

Plan, design and make an Easter bonnet.

Pencil day - create a piece of artwork to express how you are feeling using only 3 colouring pencils.

Research a famous landmark like the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal or Uluru (Ayres Rock. Create a fact file. Can you replicate the structure with materials at home?

Bake and decorate some Easter biscuits.

Create a piece of artwork entitled, ‘Family’. This could be a drawing, a self-portrait, a sculpture, or collage. Could you copy another artist’s style? Think about which materials you choose to produce your artwork, why are they relevant? Remember you may complete a few drafts before you are happy with the final piece. Have a look at Austin’s Butterfly to inspire you to produce your best work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqh1MRWZjms

Make a den inside or outside.

Go Noodle https://app.gonoodle.com/ There are many different dance videos for you to try.

Find out what music your family members enjoy. Do they like the same music? What is their favourite song? You could listen to different pieces of music. Do you like/dislike any particular types of music and why? Can you identify the instruments you can hear? How does the music make you feel?

Play a board game, FaceTime a member of your family that you haven’t seen for a while or enjoy a family indoor picnic.

Who is in your immediate family? What other family members do you have? How many people do you have in your family? Why not spend time looking through old photos and talking about the people in your family. What family stories can you tell? How is your life different to that of your parents or grandparents?

Learning Showcase

Check out some of the learning sent in so far:

Class Newsletters
  • Year-4-Multiplication-Tables-Check-PPT.pptx

  • Faith-class-newsletter-term-4-2019-20.pdf

  • Faith-class-newsletter-term-3-2019-20.pdf

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  • Faith-class-newsletter-term-1-2019-20.pdf

Home Learning
  • Faith-Class-Home-learning-planner-Term-4-2019-20.pdf

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