Welcome to Dove Class!

We are Year 2s and our teacher is Mr Richards

World Book Day is on Thursday 4th March. Come to our live lesson dressed as a book character or bring along your favourite story to show us! 

Join us at 6pm to listen to a bedtime story!

Daily live lessons for Dove class are at 11am.

On Monday 1st March there will be an additional live lesson at 1:30.

Remote home learning resources and links to external websites are available below.

Please contact Mr Richards using the email address: dove.sbenger@dbat.org.uk 

School Closure - Learning provision


Sharing books with your child.
Physical books have made available by the school to match your child's phonics learning. They can be collected from the playground: Mondays 1:15 – 2:30 &  Tuesdays 9:10 – 10:30.

Year 2 children have also been assigned digital books on Big Cat Collins website. Details have been supplied in an email from the school.

3rd March
Please watch today's recorded lesson and download the PDF as learn about an alternative spelling for /ch/ phoneme.

2nd March
Please download today's PDF to practice reading and writing words that include previously learned graphemes.

1st March
Please download today's PDF to practice reading and writing words using the -dg- digraph.

  • Y2-phonics-03-03-21.pdf

  • Y2-phonics-02-03-21.pdf

  • Y2-phonics-01-03-21.pdf


2nd & 3rd March
Please watch the recorded lesson here before taking time today and tomorrow to draft and write a biography of adventurous aviator, Amelia Earhart. A supporting PDF is available to download below.

1st March
Download today's PDF to accompany today's live English lesson at 11am.

You may find the downloadable Look, say, cover, write, check sheet (below) a useful resource to aid learning the words on their weekly list.

Children can consolidate their spelling, grammar and punctuation by visiting these websites:

BBC Bitesize

ICT Games

  • Year-2-English-02-03-March-21.pdf

  • Year-2-English-01-03-21.pdf

  • Year-2-English-23-02-21.pdf

  • Y2-Handwriting-practice-12-02-21.pdf

  • Look-Say-Cover-Write-Check-sheet.pdf


Keep practicing number fact recall with the School's Number fact recall challenges (PDF below) and via Times Table Rockstars.

3rd March
Please download the PDF ready for our live lesson at 11am. The focus will be on adding and subtracting length, height and distance.

2nd March
Please download the PDF ready for our live lesson at 11am. The focus will be on multiplying and dividing length, height and distance.

1st March
Please download the PDF below for activities to accompany today's video lesson.

  • Y2-Maths-03-03-21.pdf

  • Y2-Maths-02-03-21.pdf

  • Y2-Maths-01-03-21.pdf

  • Number-fact-recall-challenges.pdf


Tuesday 3rd March
Today Mr Richards would like you do watch two videos about Amelia Earhart as part of our English and history learning.

Can you discover any more facts about Amelia and her life that you add to your biography writing?

Tuesday 2nd March
Today's afternoon activity is entitled Flying Art. Use the ideas in the PDF below as inspiration to create your own art piece, starring YOU!

Monday 1st March
We will begin the week focusing on science. Please download the lesson and resources PDFs. There will also be a live science lesson at 1:30pm.

Extra PE:
You'll need some socks for this 'Home PE races' fitness video!

Stay active and focused with Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube.

Extra online safety: Read the online story of Digiduck.

  • Year-2-Flying-Art.pdf

  • Year-2-Science-activity-01-03-21.pdf

  • Y2-Science-Living-Dead-or-Never-Alive.pdf

  • Y2-paper-aeroplane-instructions.pdf

Learning Showcase

Check out some of the learning sent in so far:

  • Louie-amelia-biography.jpg

  • Arlo-biography-1.jpg

  • Arlo-biography-2.jpg

  • rupert-amelia-biography.jpg

  • darcey-amelia-biography.jpg

  • lc-flying-art.jpg

  • tl-flying-art.jpg

  • dj-flying-art.jpg

  • Jorja-Mae-The-Kites.jpg

  • Joey-Up-In-The-Sky.jpg

  • Felix-Balloon-of-Doom-story.jpg

  • Toby-eating-spiders-poster.jpg

  • Louie-fish-poster.jpg

  • max_uk_food-etiquette.jpg

  • joey-pet-fact-file.jpg

  • george-pet-fact-file.jpg

  • ava-pet-fact-file.jpg

  • louie-pet-fact-file.jpg

  • letty-fact-file.jpg

  • felix_pet-fact-file.jpg

  • Arlo-kitten-fact-file-2-Feb.jpg

  • charlie-pet-fact-file.jpg

  • rory_pet-fact-file.jpg

  • bryson-pet-fact-file.jpg

  • emily-pet-fact-file.jpg

  • jh_healthy-recipe.pdf

  • TL_-cheese-straws.jpg

  • bryson-star-writer.pdf

  • darcey-star-writer.pdf

  • rc_healthy-menu-plan.jpg

  • joey-star-instructions.pdf

  • thai-curry.mp4

  • jack-star-instructions.pdf

  • jg_olives.jpg

  • arlo-star-diary.pdf

  • ava-star-diary.pdf

  • louie-star-diary.pdf

  • max-science-life-cycle.jpg

  • ralfy-star-diary.pdf

  • Fruit-Salad-Salsa.mov

  • lc_-fruit-salad-amking.jpg

  • Joey-fruit-salad-salsa-drawing.jpg

  • bh-science-life-cycle-chicken.jpg

  • letty-science-grey-seal.jpg

  • emily-science-kiwi.jpg

  • darcey_science_black-panther.jpg

  • louie-science-part1.jpg

  • louie-science-part2.jpg

  • Ralfy-Geography-Food-Map.jpeg

  • Brysons-Arcimboldo.jpg

  • Louies-Arcimboldo-face.jpg

  • joeys-arcimboldo-face.jpg

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