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Scroll down for Dove Class's online home-learning provision. 

The tasks are ordered by day but it is fine to complete tasks a day early or late if that works better for you and your child.

Should you have any questions or wish to share any of the children's learning with me you can contact: dove.sbenger@dbat.org.uk

School Closure - Learning provision


This week there two reading comprehension documents. 

Children should read with an adult at least three times each week. 

Please work with your child to support their reading and understanding, discussing words and phrases, stories, poems and information and enjoying books together.

  • The-Blackbird-Wife.pdf

  • Cobweb-Morning.pdf


This week I would like you to imagine you are visiting the planet you created last week. Write a letter home! Think about what you might be enjoying and what you might miss being so far away from home.

You could also consolidate any spelling, grammar and punctuation by visiting these websites:

BBC Bitesize

ICT Games

  • Term-6-spelling-dove.pdf


This week I would like you to consolidate any maths that you feel you need to practice. For this, you could use the following online resources:

ICT Games

Top Marks Games

BBC BItesize

In addition, the excellent White Rose Maths have made available workbooks covering each individual area of the Primary maths curriculum. They are free to download from the White Rose website - great for this last week and even for some Summer Holiday catch-up maths, if needed!

  • Y2_Multiplictation_Divison_Challenge.pdf


This week's extra activities are based around music.

Listen to a piece of instrumental music that you like. You can either:

1) create a dance or movement ...


2) write a poem or draw a picture ...

... that reflects the sound of the music and the way it makes you feel.

If you like, you could ask a family member to record a video of your dance/poem using the music in the background.

Useful online learning resources:


Times Tables Rockstars

Oxford Owl
There is also an Oxford Owl Dove Class login page. Please email me for login details.

Collins - publisher of Big Cat Phonics - has made lots of reading ebooks freely available to parents.

ICT Games


BBC Bitesize

Learning Showcase

Check out some of the learning sent in so far:

  • za.jpg

  • wp.jpg

  • tp.jpg

  • tc.jpg

  • IMG_8535.jpg

  • bm1.jpg

  • ad.jpg

  • PH_horndogs.jpg

  • wp_pirate.jpg

  • tp_pirate.jpg

  • tc_pirate.jpg

  • ots_pirate.jpg

  • njpirate.jpg

  • IMG_0146.jpg

  • ajpirate.jpg

  • 20200611_122006.jpg

  • 20200611_114708_resized.jpg

  • 20200611_114640_resized.jpg

  • FC_emotions_poem.jpg

  • ms_emotions_poem.jpg

  • ks_emotions_poem.jpg

  • tp_poem.jpg

  • ots_poem.jpg

  • aj_poem.jpg

  • UP-poem.pdf

  • LC-poem.pdf

  • MB-poem.pdf

  • Fleur_Ramadan_poster.jpg

  • zara_ramadan_lantern.jpg

  • Ramadan-by-Matilda-Scrivin.pptx

  • Ramadan-by-Katie-Scrivin.pptx

  • wp_ramadan_card.jpg

  • tp_ramadan_card.jpg

  • Ancient-Egyptian-Food.pptx

  • lk_turtle.jpg

  • Spring-Poem.mov

  • TC-boat-design.jpg

  • wp_boat-design.jpg

  • Springtime-by-Toby-Potter.pdf

  • Hello-Spring-by-Albie.pdf

  • goodbye-hello-poem.mov

  • TC-Story.jpg

  • matilda_boat_design.jpg

  • Poppys-map.pdf

  • FC-stormy_sea.jpg

  • LC_stormysea.mov

  • za_boat-design.jpg

  • LN-boat_design.jpg

  • William-s-Poem.pdf

  • Layla-stormy-seas.jpg

  • olly_map_island.jpg

  • matildas_island_map.jpg

  • WP_snackfrog.jpg

  • TC-ve-day-bunting.jpg

  • KS_story_edited2.jpg

  • FC_VE_Day_Party.jpg

  • WP_nature_poster.jpg

  • KS_story_edited1.jpg

  • za_boat-model.jpg

  • LN-boat_model.jpg

  • za_story.jpg

  • stormy_seas_OTS.jpg

  • MS_story_edited1.jpg

  • aydas-island-map.jpg

  • Ruperts-island.jpg


  • ZA_hot_chocolate.jpg

  • MS_story_edited2.jpg

  • bp_letter_zara.png

  • wp_stormy-seas.jpg

  • tp_story2.jpg

  • tobyc-map-water-monster-island.jpg

  • Tillys-island-map.pdf

  • Lyra-s-poem-for-the-months-of-the-year.pdf

  • rupert-treasure-hunt.jpg

  • tp_story1.jpg

  • ursulas-boat.png

  • TP_nature_poster.jpg

  • Benjy-d-day-project.pdf

  • katie_bagel.jpg

  • TP_fruitkebabs.jpg

  • Fleurs-Spring-Poem.jpg

  • Aydas-spring-poem.jpg

  • IMG_8214.jpg

  • pH_stormysea.jpg

  • FC_instructions.jpg

  • Noahs-spring-poem.jpg

  • Toby-P-Foxland-Map.jpg

  • layla-map-island.jpg

  • aj_stormy_sea.jpg

  • matilida_milkshake.jpg

  • Ancient-Egyptian-Food-William-Potter.pptx

  • LN_instructions.jpg

  • benjy-map-island.jpg

  • zaras_island_map.jpg

  • instructions.jpg

  • OTS-story2.jpg

  • William-Madagascar-map.jpg

  • tp_stormy-seas.jpg

  • Nicole-seasons-poem.pdf

  • OTS-story1.jpg

  • Ursulas-island-map.jpg

  • fleurs-island-map.jpg

  • katie_boat_design.jpg

  • katies_island_map.jpg

  • tp_boat-design.jpg

  • wp_story.jpg

  • Fleurs_Story.jpg

Class Newsletters
  • New-reading-scheme-parent-meeting-info-March-2020.pptx

Home Learning
  • new-reading-scheme-parent-meeting.pptx

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