Welcome to Dove Class!

We are Year 2s and our teacher is Mr Richards

The children of Dove class have returned to school after lock-down brilliantly. We are all enjoying spending time with our friends and learning together again.

Please contact Mr Richards using the email address: dove.sbenger@dbat.org.uk 

Home Learning


We offer our children with reading books that are decodable using their phonics learning.

Please try to listen to your child read some of their school book at least three times each week. If you are able, take time to discuss the text, focusing on VIPERS skills:
Vocabulary: discuss meanings of unfamiliar words,
Inference: use clues to discuss events or characters,
Predict: discuss what children think might happen next,
Explain: discuss why has the author made certain choices,
Retrieve: find information directly from the text,
Sequence: order events from the text.

Archived phonics videos are still online. To access these, download the PDF of links below.

Children have been assigned digital books on Big Cat Collins website. Details have been supplied in an email from the school.

  • Archived-Year-2-Phonics-Videos.pdf


Spellings for the week beginning 7th June are available below.
You may find the downloadable Look, say, cover, write, check sheet (below) a useful resource to aid learning the words on their weekly list.

Children can consolidate their spelling, grammar and punctuation by visiting these websites:

BBC Bitesize

ICT Games

  • Year-2-Spellings-07-06-21.pdf

  • Year-2-Spellings-10-05-21.pdf

  • Year-2-Spellings-03-05-21.pdf

  • Year-2-Spellings-19-04-21.pdf

  • Year-2-Spellings-22-03-21.pdf

  • Year-2-Spellings-15-03-21.pdf

  • Look-Say-Cover-Write-Check-sheet.pdf


Keep practicing number fact recall with the School's Number fact recall challenges (PDF below) and via Times Table Rockstars.

  • Number-fact-recall-challenges.pdf


Extra PE at home:
You'll need some socks for this 'Home PE races' fitness video!

Stay active and focused with Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube.

Extra online safety: Read the online story of Digiduck.

Learning Showcase

Check out some of the learning sent in so far:

  • tl-amelia-biography.jpg

  • max-measuring.jpg

  • rupert-amelia-biography-2.jpg

  • rupert-amelia-biography-1.jpg

  • Max-amelia-biography.jpg

  • mm-flying-art.jpg

  • ah_-flying-art.jpg

  • Felix-biography-1.jpg

  • Felix-biography-2.jpg

  • Felix-biography-4.jpg

  • joey-amelia-biography.jpg

  • jh-flying-art.jpg

  • jack-amelia-biography.jpg

  • Letty-amelia-biography.jpg

  • ava-amelia-biography.jpg

  • Louie-amelia-biography.jpg

  • Arlo-biography-1.jpg

  • Arlo-biography-2.jpg

  • darcey-amelia-biography.jpg

  • lc-flying-art.jpg

  • tl-flying-art.jpg

  • dj-flying-art.jpg

  • Jorja-Mae-The-Kites.jpg

  • Joey-Up-In-The-Sky.jpg

  • Felix-Balloon-of-Doom-story.jpg

  • Louie-fish-poster.jpg

  • max_uk_food-etiquette.jpg

  • george-pet-fact-file.jpg

  • ava-pet-fact-file.jpg

  • louie-pet-fact-file.jpg

  • felix_pet-fact-file.jpg

  • Arlo-kitten-fact-file-2-Feb.jpg

  • rory_pet-fact-file.jpg

  • bryson-pet-fact-file.jpg

  • jh_healthy-recipe.pdf

  • rc_healthy-menu-plan.jpg

  • jg_olives.jpg

  • arlo-star-diary.pdf

  • louie-star-diary.pdf

  • max-science-life-cycle.jpg

  • lc_-fruit-salad-amking.jpg

  • Joey-fruit-salad-salsa-drawing.jpg

  • bh-science-life-cycle-chicken.jpg

  • letty-science-grey-seal.jpg

  • emily-science-kiwi.jpg

  • Louies-Arcimboldo-face.jpg

  • joeys-arcimboldo-face.jpg

Class Newsletters
  • DOVE-Letter-to-Parents-Term-6.pdf

Home Learning
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