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We are Year 2s and our teacher is Mr Richards

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Should you have any questions or wish to share any of the children's learning with me you can contact: dove.sbenger@dbat.org.uk

The class assembly video is available here to download. Please email me and I will reply with the password to enable access.

School Closure - Learning provision


Children should read with with an adult at least three times each week. There are questions, discussion points and other activities in the back of most of the reading books provided by the school. Please share a variety of reading material together.

In class, we have been focusing on VIPERS: Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval and Sequencing. Each week there will be a PDF document available containing reading tasks to develop comprehension skills.

Please work with your child to support their reading and understanding, discussing the text and helping them formulate their answers.

This week there is one reading task document which includes a VIPERS task and some activities based around identifying syllables.

  • 30-03-20-reading-dove.pdf

  • 23-03-20-reading-dove.pdf


There are PDF documents available for weekly English writing tasks. These include a combination of grammar, punctuation and spelling tasks and opportunities for more sustained writing.

For longer pieces of writing, the children have been learning to draft their writing before proof-reading to look for errors. It is normal for children to not produce their best writing at the first attempt. When highlighting spelling errors, it is preferable to focus on three or four words rather than every error. Try to find words with common spelling patterns or those from the KS1 Common Exception Words list.

Words from the spelling list can be practiced and tested however you choose. I have also included a blank version of the familiar Look, Say, Cover, Write Check sheet for you to copy a selection of words on to.

This week there is a writing task document with a focus on poetry and a grammar task document with a focus on verbs.

  • 30-03-20-gps-dove.pdf

  • 30-03-20-writing-dove.pdf

  • 23-03-20-spelling-dove.pdf

  • 23-03-20-writing-dove.pdf


There are PDF documents available for weekly maths learning. In each one there are some number fluency calculations (arithmetic) and some tasks relating to the week's maths topic. 

Sometimes these tasks take the form of open-ended investigations where the intention is that adults explore the learning concepts with the children. Other tasks offer different levels of challenge and children should choose an appropriate starting level task and move on to the next level if further challenge is needed.

Each document provides answers and adult guidance at the end. If a task does not have an answer and you are unsure please contact me via the class email address.

Children can and should use practical resources such as counters, pieces of pasta, toys, etc. where they feel this would help model a calculation or a problem.

  • 03-04-20-maths-dove.pdf

  • 02-04-20-maths-dove.pdf

  • 30-03-20-maths-dove.pdf

  • 31-03-20-maths-dove.pdf

  • 01-04-20-maths-dove.pdf


Useful online learning resources:

Times Tables Rockstars

Oxford Owl
There is also an Oxford Owl Dove Class login page. Please email me for login details.

Collins - publisher of Big Cat Phonics - has made lots of reading ebooks freely available to parents.

ICT Games


This week there is are biodiversity activities as Dove Class's Lent Challenge

Mrs Pitts has also created a science activity for you. If you did not take a plant home then you could have a go at growing seeds yourself at home.

Check out the Easter Story resources and our collective worship songs in our 'Home Learning Resources' section. 

  • 30-03-20-biodiversity-dove.pdf

  • 23-03-20-science-dove.pdf

Learning Showcase

Check out some of the learning sent in so far:

  • Springtime-by-Toby-Potter.pdf

  • William-s-Poem.pdf

  • Fleurs-Spring-Poem.jpg

  • goodbye-hello-poem.mov

  • Noahs-spring-poem.jpg

  • Lyra-s-poem-for-the-months-of-the-year.pdf


  • Hello-Spring-by-Albie.pdf

  • WP_nature_poster.jpg

  • TP_nature_poster.jpg

  • Nicole-seasons-poem.pdf

  • Spring-Poem.mov

  • Benjy-d-day-project.pdf

Class Newsletters
  • New-reading-scheme-parent-meeting-info-March-2020.pptx

  • DOVE-Letter-to-Parents-Term-4.pdf

  • DOVE-Letter-to-Parents-Term-3.pdf

  • DOVE-Letter-to-Parents-Term-2-.pdf

  • Dove-Class-Letter-to-Parents-Term-1-2019-20.pdf

Home Learning
  • new-reading-scheme-parent-meeting.pptx

  • Dove-Class-Home-learning-planner-Term-4-2019-20.pdf

  • Dove-Class-Home-learning-planner-Term-3-2019-20.pdf

  • Dove-Class-Home-learning-planner-Term-2-2019-20.pdf

  • Dove-Class-Home-learning-planner-Term-1-2019-20.pdf

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