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The thematic approach to learning and the curriculum is a particular strength of our school.  Learning is organised in termly themes across the year. Teachers develop creative cross-curricular links through each theme enabling the children to engage easily and to apply their skills across the 2014 National Curriculum.  We give high priority to providing opportunities where children can learn through first-hand experience so learning is motivating and fun.

We focus on developing skills across the curriculum in order for our children to develop a progression in their skills in each subject as they move through our school. 

Please find below, year group coverage jigsaws that detail the curriculum content for each subject in each year group. In addition, we have produced parent information guides for reading, writing and maths to make it clear which key skills we are developing in these core areas of learning.

  • English


    At Sutton Benger School, children in Reception and Key Stage 1 follow the synthetic phonics approach, using the 'Letter and Sounds and Phonics Play' programmes.  It is an approach to teaching phonics in which individual letters or letter sounds are blended to form groups of letters or sounds, and those groups are then blended to form complete words.  Children in Reception also use 'Jolly Phonics' actions to go with the sounds.  

    Our daily phonics sessions in Reception and Key Stage One are fun, involving lots of speaking, listening and games.  The emphasis is on children's active participation.  They learn to use their phonic knowledge for reading and writing activities and in their independent play.  We place our children into ability groups during phonics sessions ensuring that all children are able to participate in sessions that are at a level appropriate to their developmental phase.


    At Sutton Benger School, we feel that reading helps develop children's vocabulary, comprehension as well as their writing and spelling skills.  Reading gives children access to the wider curriculum and the world around them and enriches their lives.  It is our intention that all children leave the school as confident and competent readers and we use a combination of reading schemes.  These include Oxford Reading Tree, Floppy's Phonics, Ginn and Rigby Star. Once children finish the reading scheme, we encourage them to become 'free readers' and chose their own books.

    If you would like to find out more about our curriculum and the children's learning, please see the individual Class Pages as they give further information about termly topics in each year group, via the newsletters and home learning planners.

  • Maths

  • Science

  • RE

  • Computing

  • Geography

  • History

  • Art

  • Design & Technology

  • Modern Foreign Lagnuages (MFL)

  • Music


    The aim for our music curriculum is to bring our school community together for shared experiences. This could be as a class for weekly music lessons or as a school during weekly singing practice. We believe in the power of music and the feeling of elation that a performance can bring, particularly when we perform together. Our intention is that children experience a rich curriculum, having opportunities to listen to a range of music, to sing, compose and perform for a purpose.


    Teachers have access to ‘Music Express’ a comprehensive scheme which is particularly good at supporting non-specialists. This scheme is closely aligned to the national curriculum and ensures coverage and progression of knowledge, skills and understanding. Teachers are able to supplement and replace units that may better link to topics being currently studied, drawing on their own skills and experiences, as long as the identified objectives are still covered. An overview of units and progression can be found here.

    All children have a weekly singing practice in the school hall which ensures a good proportion of the singing music curriculum is covered. Opportunity to teach the musical elements are explored during these practice sessions. Children are also prepared for whole school performance, in particular preparing music for Christmas or Easter school services.

    We offer a number of private peripatetic instrumental lessons during the school day in a dedicated room. These currently include;

    • Piano
    • Guitar
    • Drums

    All our peripatetic teachers are registered with Wiltshire music Connect. Children who access peripatetic lessons are encouraged to perform at church services and other whole school performances throughout the school year. During the Coronavirus pandemic recordings were made which were then streamed during whole school Zoom services.

    From September 2021 we will also be offer ‘first access’ to instruments, meaning that children in lower KS2 will be taught recorder as a class by a specialist with plans for performance during the school year.

    The school currently runs an active choir; recordings have been made for both village and school church services and events throughout the school year which were shared with the school and wider school community. Events in 2020/21 included preparing recordings for; Mothers day service, Harvest festival service, Christmas service and Easter service.

    As a school we work alongside Wiltshire Music Connect, the Wiltshire Music hub and benefit from collaborative projects and events as well as CPD.

    Plans for 2021/22 include a whole school singing event, orgnaised by isingpop!


    Teachers assess children three times a year, in line with other foundation subjects. This is to assess whether they have achieved the unit objectives, are working towards these or have exceeding the objectives set. These assessments inform the end of year reports when effort and achievement grades are reported.

    • Music_Express_Skills_Progression-y1_6.pdf

    • Music_Express_Curriculum_Maps_y1_6.pdf

  • Physical Education

  • Forest Schools & Outdoor Education

General Curriculum Files
  • Year-1-Curriculum-Cycle-B.docx

  • Y5-Y6-Curriculum-Cycle-A-B.docx

  • Y1-Curriculum-Cycle-A.docx

  • Y2-Curriculum-Cycle-A-B.docx

  • Y3-Y4-Curriculum-Cycle-A-B.docx

  • calculation-document-revised-Feb-2019.pdf

  • curriculum-overview-year-groups.pdf

  • parent-guides-may-2019-eyfs.pdf

  • RE-Curriculum-Overview.pdf

  • new-reading-scheme-parent-meeting.pptx

  • parent-guides-may-2019-year-1.pdf

  • parent-guides-may-2019-year-3.pdf

  • parent-guides-may-2019-year-2.pdf

  • parent-guides-may-2019-year-5.pdf

  • parent-guides-may-2019-year-4.pdf

  • parent-guides-may-2019-year-6.pdf

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