Welcome to Chestnut Class!

We are Year 3s and Year 4s and our teachers are Mrs McSloy and Mrs Bucksey

In Chestnut class, we have an exciting curriculum that is designed to build on children’s previous learning experiences in Year 2 and 3. During the year, we work hard to develop independence skills and confidence as well as encouraging children to collaborate and work as a team.

We particularly enjoy themed days such as our amazing Roman Day last year, where the children dressed in costume and enjoyed a range of exciting activities such as learning Roman shield formations, excavating some real Roman artefacts, making pots and sampling Roman food at our outdoor banquet!

We are looking forward to another great year full of interesting learning opportunities.

Our topic for Term 1 is 'Marvellous Me & My World' and in Term 2 'Let's Celebrate!'

Home Learning


For children on the school reading scheme, we offer books that are decodable using their phonics learning. For free readers, there are a variety of fiction and non-fiction books available. 

Please try to listen to your child read some of their school book at least three times each week. If you are able, take time to discuss the text, focusing on VIPERS skills which we use in school:

Vocabulary - discuss meanings of unfamiliar words;
Inference - use clues to discuss events or characters;
Predict - discuss what children think might happen next;
Explain - discuss why has the author made certain choices;
Retrieve - find information directly from the text;
Sequence - order events from the text.

You may like to listen to some of David Walliams' Daily Audio Books:


Oxford Owl - Free eBook library https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/

Collins - Free access to books online - 



Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Activities and Games:


*NEW!* Improve your Spelling and Handwriting at the same time! Please find below some handwriting sheets of 'common exception words'. Choose your level of challenge: (Challenge 1, 2 or 3).

Practise your weekly spellings using a variety of methods from the KS2 Spelling Menu (see below). 

You may also like to try some of the games on the Spellzone website: https://www.spellzone.com/word_lists/games-179.htm

  • Statutory-spelling-words-handwriting-activity-sheets-CHALLENGE-3.pdf

  • Common-exception-words-handwriting-activity-sheets-CHALLENGE-2.pdf

  • Common-exception-words-handwriting-activity-sheets-CHALLENGE-1.pdf

  • KS2-Spelling-Menu.pdf


Please remember to use Times Tables Rockstars regularly in order to improve your Times Tables knowledge and speed! 


Play 'Hit the Button':

Hit the Button Maths game

If you would like some additional Mental math's activities, you may like to visit: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/daily10

You can choose from different levels - Year 3 is Level 3, Year 4 is Level 4 and so on. There are a variety of topics to work on. Select how long you would like to answer each question. 

Maths quizzes

Below are links to our Hope Class quizzes that you can use to support your maths learning. These can be used alongside your Times Tables Rockstars or instead of your Times Tables Rockstars to complete your Niners challenge each week. 

Addition and Subtraction up to 10

Hope [1 a] Adding 1 (totals up to 10)

Hope [1 b] Adding 2 (totals up to 10)

Hope 1c Subtracting 1 (from numbers up to 10) 

Hope 1d Adding & Subtracting 1 (within 10) 

Hope [1 e] Doubles Up To Ten 

Hope [1 f] Adding 1 (totals up to 20) 

Hope [1 g] Subtracting 1 (from numbers up to 20)

Hope [1 h] Halving up to ten

Addition Facts

Hope [2 a] Addition Facts Up To Five 

Hope [2 b] Addition Facts Up To Six 

Hope [2 c] Addition Facts Up To Seven 

Hope [2 d] Addition Facts Up To Eight 

Hope [2 e] Addition Facts Up To Nine 

Hope [2 f] Addition Facts Up To Ten

Subtraction Facts

Hope [3 a] Subtracting from 4 and 5 

Hope [3 b] Subtracting from 6 and 7

Hope [3 c] Subtracting from 8 and 9 

Hope [3 d] Subtracting from Ten 

Up to 10

Hope [4a] Adding and subtracting within Ten 

Hope [4b] Number Bonds to Ten 

Hope [4c] Missing Numbers Within Ten 

Hope [4d] Adding three numbers within Ten 

Hope [4e] Adding Ten (single digits) 

Up to 20

Hope [4f] Doubles Up To Twenty 

Hope [4g] Near Doubles Up To Twenty

Telling the time

Telling the time games

Quarter to Quarter past

To nearest 5 minutes

Adding Fractions: http://www.snappymaths.com/counting/fractions/interactive/addfracsdint/addfracsdint.htm

Fractions on a number line:


  • Times-Tables-Multiplication-square.pdf


P.E. - Use GoNoodle to stay active with dance-alongs, yoga videos, mindfulness activities, and other awesome ways to move while reinforcing educational topics. Great news! Your family can make screen time active and play GoNoodle at home for FREE! https://assets-gnp-ssl.gonoodle.com/parent_invite_pdfs/gonoodle_parent_invite_en.pdf

Learning Showcase

Check out some of the learning sent in so far:

Class Newsletters
  • Chestnut-Class-Newsletter-Term-1-2021.docx

Home Learning
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