Sutton Benger School is a small, friendly Church of England primary school nestled at the heart of the village, which is just north-east of the market town of Chippenham.

We have around 170 children aged from 4 to 11, who are taught in 7 classes.  We are extremely proud of all that goes on here and the children at Sutton Benger are supported in their learning by enthusiastic and dedicated staff, governors and parents.

How our School has grown...

In February 2012, Wiltshire explorer David Hempleman-Adams officially opened the extended space at Sutton Benger School, which incorporates a science and technology room, a spacious library, dedicated space for 1-1 provision and improved disabled access.

We also have a large hall used for everything including Collective Worship, drama productions, sports activities and not to mention the amazing school meals cooked on site at our school. Our spacious grounds include a playing field, fitness trail, a 'reflection' garden and a pond.

In Summer 2015, we continued to expand our space, with the addition of our extra classroom (Trinity class). Then, in April 2018 we completed the extension to another classroom to give us more space for the children in Faith class. We also put in new access to the playground and extended the main toilets.

Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust (DBAT)

In 2019 the school converted to become an Academy and is now part of DBAT (The Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust). For more information about DBAT, please refer to their website: https://www.dbat.org.uk/


Statutory information about DBAT, including Financial Statements, Annual Reports, Articles of Association, Funding Agreements and the Scheme of Delegation can be found here: https://www.dbat.org.uk/about-us/statutory-information/


Information about DBAT Directors can be found here: https://www.dbat.org.uk/about-us/directors/

Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust

First Floor Hillside House

1500 Parkway North

Stoke Gifford


0117 906 0100


Our school vision - “strive, believe, succeed” – was developed a few years ago to capture who we are as a school and how we wish for our children to live and go forward in the world. We strongly believe that this vision is still very much at the heart of our school but we are developing this further.

Recently, the staff worked together to deepen this vision. We felt that family played a big part in our vision – as a school we pride ourselves on the feeling of togetherness that we have and parents and visitors often comment on this when they walk around our school. We also thought about what we meant by strive, believe and succeed – how did we want our children to live?

With this in mind we have developed a new school vision -


But what does this mean for our children?

Strive – things are not always easy, and the road is not always smooth but we want our children to strive, to persevere, for faith, love and peace in the world in which they live.

Believe – we develop in our children the values of God – for example, trust, friendship, respect, compassion, courage. We encourage them to believe in these values and to live them out in their own lives.

Succeed – success is to be celebrated, and we want our children to do this with grace, to be proud of their own success and also to be proud of the success of others.

We shared our new vision with the children using the idea that we are all part of a school family tree and every time we strive “for faith, love and peace”, believe in the values of God or succeed with grace we add a leaf to help our school family tree to flourish. Each class has a branch that they add a leaf to each time one of these is seen. Our trees are starting to flourish!

We have also shared our vision with parents and governors and will continue to work together to embed our new vision throughout our school community.

“Our new vision is a really good way of us working together and
knowing about who we are and what our school is about.” (Harry – Year 6)

Together as one family, we 'strive for faith, love and peace', believe in the values of God and succeed with grace. (2 Timothy 2:22)

Sutton Benger CE Primary School
40 Chestnut Road
Sutton Benger
SN15 4RP

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